Wizkid Becomes The Object Of Mockery: Again! Singer Darlington Undermines Wizkid's Career

By Agboola Ibrahim

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun professionally known as Wizkid, one of the Nigerians biggest artiste is perceived to be loosing his ranks and the esteem with which music lovers hold him. This is demonstrated when junior and up and coming Artistes unsparingly threw shades at him.

It would not be false if one traces the invariable mockery, insult and maligning remark that is currently lashed at Wizkid to two key factors: his recent album and his contempt for Nigeria music rapper.

However, since the release of his recent Album "Bad To Me" Nigerians have been critical about Wizkid. The album was considered a flop and uninteresting by majority of song lovers.

However, it is on this case that Controversial Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington in a recent video undermined and ridiculed his senior colleague, Wizkid.

Speed Darlington was so critical about Wizkid that he asserted that if Wizkid, the “Essence” crooner was an American artiste, his career would have faded a long time ago.

According to the Instagram content creator, Wizkid doesn’t have what it takes sustain in the the American music industry.

He further stated that Wizkid's vocal power-house is not really the best as there are several artistes that will beat him at that if he was an America artiste.

He said:
“If na white country Wizkid dey, long time he fon don fade, he doesn’t have much to deliver in the market, he no dey dance, na only voice hin dey sell, the voice is not even 10/10. If na America market Wizkid no dey trend again.”