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Months after her widely reported matrimonial mess, actress Euchaira Anunobi reveals why she shed an ocean of tears at the peak of her break up with ex-hubby, Charles Ekwu. She also let Encomium Weekly into her new catalogue of preference for any legible suitor that would make her ideal husband, but not without battling hard emotionally to dust off the bad memories of the six year marriage that produced a baby boy, Joshua. Excerpts…

Is it true that you receive up to a hundred text messages from fans in a day?
More than that. Good ones and nasty ones as well. 99 per cent of good ones. There are some nasty ones, because sometimes when I don't reply them, they get upset and send the nasty messages (laughs).

Could it be that they merge your person with the negative roles you play in the movies?
Well, most times, apart from Nigeria here, when an actress or an actor does a film, they tend to think you are what you act. They forget that somebody writes the script, then you read it and act it out. But it doesn't mean anything to me because I know that the roles I'm doing are not me.

Have you ever thought of being a female producer?
Why not? It's just that it's not easy being a female producer. It involves a lot of hard work and money. I am not ready to go into that aspect of the entertainment industry right now.

What's your view on the recent protest in some quarters against the acronym Nollywood?
I would want to say that if somebody has a better name, he should bring it up. It's a giant industry. If a few people are against it, let them coin a better name for it. Just like we have Hollywood for the Americans, Bollywood for the Indians. Naturally, because our name, Nigeria starts with N, so they thought Nollywood would be better, just to be in the same global market with others.

We like your bones (glasses), where did you buy it?
(Long laughter) Where they sell glasses, of course.

You smell good too. Is it a Versace stuff like the glasses?
I have lots of perfumes, but this morning, I'm wearing Sun flower. I mixed it with Armani Gold, given to me by a special friend. Then, I touched it with a little bit of Eternity.

We heard you are a good cook. What do you like cooking most?
Everything (laughs).

Are you that homely?
Quite homely. I am well brought up. My father is a strong Igbo man. I am proud to be an Igbo person. I believe in the value of a woman being submissive to a man, a man who has respect for himself sha (laughs). I learnt a lot of patience from my mum.

Let's talk about the new guy in your life now?
(Laughter) So, you people have given me a guy already? Eh! I didn't know there was a new guy o. How come I haven't seen this person? When I've been searching since all these days, hugging my bed and empty pillow. May be a lot of people are saying s.s. here and there, but I never see the one wey I want. This time around, my pastor tell me make I open my eye well well.

Which church is that?
The Redeemed Christian Church of God.
Is it true that Charles' family never supported his marriage to you?
(Clears throat) I have nothing to say. I think you should go look for his family. I don't wanna discuss that. I just know that God is the author and finisher of everything. When you see him, you ask him.

When last did you see any member of his family?
That was in December. We saw and talked, then I went to see my family.

Is it true that at home, your parents tongue - lashed you, adding that they warned you not to marry Charles which resulted into your crying profusely?

(Keeps quiet for seconds) I cry when I get lonely. Is that what you want to hear? (General laughter) I cried that I did something wrong. I cried that after six years of marriage, it's broken up. I cried because I had nobody to cook for anymore. I cry that I have to carry my son all alone. I cry because God said marriages should not break, but mine is broken. Well, if my parents reprimand me, it's all part of life, I'm still their child. When a child does something wrong, if your parents do not reprimand you, then they don't love you. I wouldn't really want to discuss my marriage or anything. The most important thing is that I went to see my parents because I'd got to tell them what is happening in my life.