Films For The Weekend: Top Nollywood Films To Enjoy This Weekend

By Agboola Ibrahim

The list films that have made their way to our screens this weekend are quite many and fortunately enough the weekend is those days of the week when you will be chanced to watch these films. Here are a couple of top Nollywood movies to watch this weekend.

Wura On Showmax
Wura is a Nigerian first Showmax telenovela. The film is quite an interesting story of the titular, Wura who is a perfect mother and wife to her family but quite the opposite when it comes to conversation about her gold mine factory.

The protagonist of the TV series is ready to kill in order to save her dying mining industry. The TV series began with the death of one of her miners which the struggle to save herself from trouble seem not to be working.

The TV series is exclusive to Showmax and for this weekend, you can see the first four episodes of this film.

Brotherhood On Prime Video
Brotherhood tells the story of twin brothers Akin (Tobi Bakre) and Wale (Falz) after the duo lost their parents on a New Year Eve, Wale struggle with life and joined the police while his twin joined a notorious Lagos robbery gang. The film made it as one of the highest grossing films of the year 2022 before it made its way to Prime Video.

King of Jo'burg On Netflix
King of Jo'burg is a Netflix original whose first season was released December 2020. The TV series has made a great impact and was created by Shona Ferguson and produced by Samad Davis, Wesleigh Kapotis and Lauren Nell. The film explored supernatural and crime drama in the last few of two brothers in the city of Johannesburg.

The TV series tells the story of a Mesire brother who controlled an underworld crime syndicate in Johannesburg despite this, a supernatural family curse threatens to destroy them.