Violence! Carter Efe Blasts Yhemolee For Belittling Skit Makers

By Agboola Ibrahim

Controversial comedian and singer, Carter Efe has taken his time to shade singer YhemoLee for undermining and spewing demoralizing remarks on skit making.

Recall few hours ago, a video surfaced on social media which captured Yhemolee when he downplayed and spoke less of skit making in an interview with Clout Africa.

In Yhemolee's statement to the interviewer he expressed that skitmaker are making less of the effort they invest in making skit. He also asserted that before a skitmaker finishes his 7skits he will make the money for their 10th video.

In a live Instagram video, the ‘Machala’ crooner expressed great annoyance at YhemoLee who he claims bragged at Clout Africa that he makes in one night the amount of cash content creators make in seven videos.

Carter Efe resentfully warned Yhemolee never to look down on skitmaker when he asserted that he makes 50 thousand dollars (roughly 32million naira) just from making seven videos.

His words read:
"Yhemolee just de open de talk say before you make 7 skit I have made i have made the money in the night. Which work you de do for night? You be thief?... Una go just de make skit maker restless. Una go de look us down.. you no how much I de collect for 7 videos? I collect 50k dolls.. you Yhemolee how many house you don buy. You think say na to de bomb for Cubana , to de but Azu.