“Everything Pointed To Him”, DSF Alleges That Her Ex-Boyfriend Stole All Her Valuables In Zanzibar.


Nigerian Actor and DJ, Dorcas Shola Fapson sits with host of #WithChude, Chude Jideonwo, to discuss the rise of her career in acting and the controversy between her and her ex-boyfriend.

DSF narrates her ordeal with her ex-boyfriend, “I had a booking in Uganda. After that booking, I said I was going on a holiday and I told the guy I was dating at that time and we agreed. He said he was going to take me, that he has been there before. Later, he said he didn’t have money, so I said I was going to buy his ticket. Then, he said he didn’t want to come from Nigeria by himself, that he was going to come with his manager, and the manager will come with his wife, like a couple’s trip. When we got there, I posted the room and the scenery on Snapchat and anything that I post to Snapchat automatically save to my phone. At night, we were drinking, he gave me a drink, and I passed out somehow. I woke up in bed, but I couldn’t find my phone. I have two phones, and I keep them under my pillow. He was beside me, so I asked him, because he knows the password to my phone, sometimes he holds my phone. I got up, and I found out that my suitcase is out of where I left it, my Rolex, my Van Cleef, my laptop, my wallet, my cards, everything valuable that I came there with was gone. He was really calm, and he said that his watch and his chain was taken, meanwhile, I was still bugging about how it happened when we were both sleeping in the same room. I was having panic attacks.

“We came back to Nigeria, I got a new phone and I found out that the only snaps that I took while I was in Zanzibar were gone and a day later, he was wearing the same watch he claimed was stolen. When I got my phone, I wanted to tell my dad about it, he said I shouldn’t tell him and I shouldn’t post about it and I thought that was weird. Even though everything was pointing to him, I was like, it can’t be. All my friends were pointing fingers, but I was the one arguing that it can never be, but all the evidence was pointing to him. And that is one of the things that happened. The week after was my US tour, I had to push it back because I had no laptop. And mentally, it was a lot for me, because it didn’t make sense,” she added.

On getting into acting in Nigeria, she shares, “When I was in the American Academy of Dramatic Art, I auditioned for MTV Shuga and I got the role. People thought I didn’t audition. I went through the seven stages of the audition. Then, I didn’t understand why people were so mad at me, I understood that there were so many great actors and actresses, so why not just take someone from Nigeria? Even I was like, ‘why did you guys pick me’. But I deserve it because I audition for it just like everybody else. Just because I came from abroad doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to be here. I feel like people felt that because I came from abroad, I didn’t have to do the job, but I did audition for the role”.

DSF also added that despite the popular assumption that she was from a rich background, she had to work to get to where she was. “Because I was brought up in UK, people assume that I am rich, but that was never the case. My dad was the first person in his family to go UK, my whole family was born and raised in Mushin, I was the only person that happened to be born in the UK. My dad got into the UK, he hustled, he did security job, cab driver and those jobs that you use to establish yourself. We grew in Tottenham, and anyone who knows UK, knows that Tottenham is not a nice place, it was still a hood”.

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“It took my dad and I lots of therapy and forgiveness to rebuild our relationship” — Dorcas Fapson.