Toddler Dies After Being Fed With Tramadol By Mother

By Agboola Ibrahim

A 6-month old male toldler has been reported dead after being fed with hard drug, Tramadol by his mother.

It should be noted that the tragic story was shared on Facebook by user, Ubong Sabbath, who revealed that she got the source from an eye witness.

Ubong reported that an eyewitness recounted how a lady fed her 6-month old child with tramadol. He said that the mother resorted to hard drug primarily because she could have no hindrance in clubbing. This is why she did not only abused her son, but also locked him up inside her apartment having fed him up with Tramadol.

However, things actually didn't go as the mother planned; she came back only to see a tragic phenomenon, that is, acknowledging the corpse of her todler.

Consequently, the residents of the locale, Lokomba heavily descended on the mother as they administered severe beating. She was at the end handed to the security officers to decide her fate for such wicked behavior.

The story reads, “this lady you see here committed an abomination last night in Likomba, Tiko. Despite having a newborn baby of few months old in hand, she wanted to go clubbing with friends.”

“The innocent child was the only thing standing in her way as she couldn’t take him to the club. So what did this girl do?”

“She decided to give him [email protected] so he can fall deep asleep. This way she can go party with her friends.”

“She gave her the [email protected] and locked the baby inside the house. She returned home this morning only to find out the baby died as a result of the hard drxg she gave him😢”.

“Likomba inhabitants descended on her and got her well [email protected] Forces of law and order intervened and as of now the girl is under detention. The baby has been buried.

May the soul of the innocent baby rest in peace.”