"I Didn't Tell My Parents How A Nanny Forced Me To Suck Her Breast"  Ex BBN Star Discloses

By Agboola Ibrahim

Reality TV Star Bammy, has in a video that surfaced online disclosed how a nanny forced her to do nasty things.

In the video, Bammy recounted how she was sexually abused by her nanny when she was between the ages of 2 to 3.

She said that her parents were working parents and they hardly stayed in the house. She grew up living with Nanny or maids. Most times it was always her and the nanny in the house.

She also recounted that, the nanny who was always with her was in the age range of 18-19.

In Bammy's narration, she said that the young nanny was so fond of her that she would force her to do all sort of nasty things whenever her parents were not around. She would make her suck her breast and other crazy things.

Besides that, she would sometimes starve her and threatened her of punishment if ever she told her parents.

Bammy, further disclosed that, she could not tell her parents because she was too little and still learning to talk.

Her words read partly:
"My parents were working parents so I grew up with Nanny. And when I came back from school, It would just be me and the nanny. We had one when I was betw the ages 2-3. I think the woman was sick in the head and I think she is not more than 18. She just derived pleasure in me, she would not feed and forced me to suck her breast, she would use my face to rubb her pu**... because I was I was still learning to talk, she said she she would punish me if I tell my parents"