History Will Not Forget A 50-Year-Old Sadar Khan Mohammed For Having 60 Children From Three Wives

By Agboola Ibrahim

It is a global fashion that things or phenomenon that are perceived abnormal or enigmatic should be recorded or kept in the history book in order that the subsequent generations can learn about them. However, such is the case of Sadar Khan Mohammed, a 50 year old Parkistani Doctor who has 60 children.

Sardar Mohammad Khan Khilji, a resident of Quetta Province in Pakistan, has managed to make history for his recent record of having 60 children with just three wives.

Khan is reported to have been living with 3 wives and 60 kids in his house. These three wives of his altogether has produced 60 children. What a strange phenomenal!

As if this was not enough, Despite having a trio of companions, the 50-year-old father of 60 is mulling plans for marriage to wed another wife. Sardar, a doctor allegedly insists for more wives and crave for more children.

Although, there has never been a report of crisis or conflict in his home, he lives harmoniously with his wives and children.

Consequently, he has asked the government to give him a free bus to take his wives and children for an outing.