By Melanie Miller

Rainbows are lovely to behold.
They are so pretty.
I would love to slide down one and reach that pot of gold.

So brilliant is the rainbow, with it's many colours.

I love my friend the rainbow, as we talk about life.

It is a omen to see the gold, and I know it means, I maybe come rich one sweet day!

I love to look at it's beauty and the candor of the rainbow is wonderful.

I cast a spell as I gaze at the rainbow, and money will come my way soon, just you wait and see.

The rainbow is gallant and bold, and beautiful it is to behold.

I will always be it's best friend and love it, for all it's worth.

Yes, the rainbow, is always there for me, in the shadows of my mind...and I shall find it is a true treasure find,

for all times to come.
The rainbow, is with me in my heart and I shall always care for it, it makes all my dreams come true...

and whenever I am sad or lonely, I think of my special friend, this rainbow...

and then I feel full of love, peace and Joy!
The rainbow has been with me since a child.
It speaks to me tender and mild.
I need not for another true friend as the rainbow will take care of me in the end.

My rainbow is all the friend I will ever need and together we will go down in history as best of friends.

It will always smile at me and never look down on me, and be there for me for all times to come.