Blow- by –blow account of Bankole`s Attack on OGD & Daggash

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The Minister of Works Senator Danusi Daggash and the Minister of State for Works, Engineer Osa Ogunwonyi arrived the Government House at about 1.45pm after touring some road projects in Ogun State .  Launch was served, and thereafter a formal

courtesy call was held.  At about 3.00pm the two Ministers rode with the Governor in a coaster bus along with some Commissioners and their Security aides to Ota, the venue of the commissioning.   We got to the venue, Senator Daggash gave his speech and the Governor also spoke thanking Former President Olusegun Obasanjo for starting the project, Late President Yar Adua for sustaining it and President Gooodluck Jonathan for bringing it to a logical conclusion.  The Governor acknowledged the interest the Hon. Speaker Dimeji Bankole had shown in the project but also admonished him to ensure that he should also add more value by attracting projects to the state before the end of his tenure.

At exactly five minutes to 5 in the evening the Minister, Senator Daggash, Engineer Ogunwonyi, Governor Gbenga Daniel , the Olota of Ota moved to the bridge for the formal commissioning.  The Minister of works dutifully cut the tape to declare the bridge open and unveiled the plague on which his name was inscribed as the person who commissioned the project.  At this time the Hon. Speaker was not near the commissioning site and there was no indication that he would attend the programme which was actually scheduled for 3.00pm.

After the commissioning around 5.00pm the Governor and the two Ministers moved backed into the bus that brought them.  The bus was already on its way out of the venue when the Governor was alerted that the Speaker had arrived.  The Governor asked the driver to stop for exchange of courtesies with the Speaker.  Speaker Bankole, his ADC and the Chairman of the House Committee of Works boarded the bus and the Governor and the two Ministers made to exchange pleasantries.   However, the Speaker rebuffed the pleasantries and started shouting

'Minister why did you commission the bridge before my arrival, this will be your last assignment.  I will ensure that …..'

The Speaker then turned to the Governor shouting expletives - who the hell do you think you are?  He then proceeded to where the driver was and started struggling with him for the ignition key of the bus.  In the process, he succeeded in switching off the engine of the vehicle and sat on the dash board threatening fire and brimstone.  The driver, Mr. Paul had laceration on his hand as a result of the Speakers struggle to wrest the key from him. 

There are video clips to support these assertions. The Governor and Senator Daggash did not say a word.  However, Engineer Ogunwonyi pleaded with the Speaker and he eventually, reluctantly, left the bus, after holding the bus hostage for 15 minutes.   

As the Governor's convoy was moving out of the venue, sporadic gun shots rent the air apparently from the people who accompanied the Speaker to the venue.  The convoy then moved to a safe haven where the Minister and the Governor were evacuated into another vehicle.  In all of this, there was no fisticuff between the Governor and Speaker Bankole or between Speaker Bankole and Daggash.   ·                  

Pertinent Questions     
What time did the Speaker get to the venue?   
What time was the programme schedule for?    
Who was billed to commission the project?   
What was the Speaker mission inside the Governor's bus?   ·                  

The Account above could be checked with the following:

1. The Governor of Ogun State
2. The Minister of Works
3.The Minister of State for Works
4.The ADC to the Speaker
5 The ADC to the Governor
6.SSS officials in the bus
7The Commissioners and other State officials in the bus

  8.Paul, the Driver of the bus      
  'Sina Kawonise
Hon. Commissioner for Information
Ogun State.