See What Sabinu Finally Says To His Look-ALike

By Agboola Ibrahim

Following the event that led to Sabinus, popular Skit Maker, meeting for the first time, his look-alike, Mr Cultivator, had left words out from Sabinus to him.

However, some report claimed that Sabinus ignored the young man and they dragged him for not recognizing his efforts.

A recent video shared by Sabinus on Instagram has debunked such speculations as the duo smiled with each other and even took photos.

Mr Cultivator while standing with Sabinus was facing another direction when Sabinus beckoned on him to face the camera. Sharing the video via Instagram, Sabinus hinted to fans in his caption that they met at Owerri, and he truly had an exciting time. In his words: "Had a great time with the good people of Owerri. Bigger dreams ahead."