Bovi Is Celebrated To Have Done What Others Can't Do

By Agboola Ibrahim

Bovi Ugboma, a Nigerian stand-up comedian, actor, and writer has been celebrated by colleague and fans for investing in his primary school.

It was learnt that Bovi helped to renovate the delapidated primary school in Benin. During the commissioning of the facilities some important dignitaries were present.

Some of the things the comedian fixed at the school were roofs, windows, toilet tiles and seats with a new flushing system, lighting control switches including wiring that illuminates the school better, fans, painting and more.

Igodie who is also popular comedian took to his social to share news of the Commissioning of the project by his colleague, Bovi.

He said, "Today my friend, Bovi in commissioning this project , it's really inspiring to remember one's humble beginning and give back to nurture it. Bovi has shown a great sense of purpose and gratitude by renovating this magnificent educational project , his primary school, in university of Benin staff. This will inspire the younger generation in years to come..."