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Secretariat of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter has said that it would further increase its surveillance apparatus to fish out non professionals in the field.

The chairman of the Guild, Mr Adafe Jaja disclosed this to The Weekend Tide Entertainment Thursday that the Guild is currently suffering from certain economic problems occasioned by the attitude of charlatans in the industry.

He said that there are many actors in the country who have bluntly refused to identify with the Guild for fear of being edged out of business.

Jaja noted that the work of the secretariat would be sanitised if and only sponsors and businessmen would form the habit of talking with the office directly and choosing their players from only those the Guild can vouch for.

This trend, Mr. Jaja noted is not only applicable to Rivers State alone but worst in Abia, Imo and other Eastern states of the country.

He appealed to the Rivers State government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to expedite action towards the production of the first ever indigenous film.