Source: nigeriafilms.com

THE vision of going into gospel music started in Telma Eunice Sunday as far back as 1997, when she joined Upper Room Baptist Church choir as an alto singer.

She has never looked back. However, she was financially incapacitated to move as fast as she would have liked.

Though she sings Gospel Makossa, Telma took a step further in becoming a notable star in the industry as she once had a stopover in acting.

Before she became a gospel singer, she had featured in many home videos such as: Doctors' Quarters, A to Z, Igbeyin Alaimokan, One–love among others.

What about sexual harassment for a young lady like her in the industry? Telma simply replied, “Sexual harassment never scares me. Many have toasted me in the past but they cannot force me to do it. Some even said if I don't sleep with them, I may not get a role in a particular movie. This has never weighed me down, instead, it encourages me to do what I know best,” she said.

What else for Telma? she said, "Music is simply my life, I enjoy playing and listening to good music.”