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The latest trend amongst artists and producers in the face of dwindling patronage is to storm some governors' States Houses to ask for funds to execute movie projects, which don't see the light of the day. The most hit by this bug are the female practitioners who have found willing allies in this governors who are looking for accomplices to assist in the looting of the treasury in the twilight of their administration. In addition to this, female accomplices are even ready and ever willing to submit their body and soul to all and sundry. As long as the result will yield positively the fun continues. Caught in this act are big names such as the renowned movie producer, Rosemary Ingbi, Hilda Dokubo and the ever controversial Obot Etuk who once romanced the handsome actor called Ernest Asuzu. If you recall, sometimes ago, Obot took her art to another level by absconding with the 5 million naira giving to her by the helmsman of a State after banging him silly without delivering the project. Have I said something? More on this later.
BY: Alonge Michael