By NBF News
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Sometimes this year, I said that Godwin Daboh speaks like a man who eavesdrops on high calibre discussions. You know such men, who will pip through the transom, catch one word and race off to proclaim the stand of the conveners, just on the strength of the one word he picked.

When it was like the late president was so bad, Daboh ranted that the North would not allow the presidency to leave the region if the president died. He sounded so vehement that you wondered if he was given any assignment to that effect.

Shortly after Mr. President died, he was quoted as saying that the North would retain power. Now, he has made a u-turn. 'There is nothing like zoning, IBB should step down for Jonathan,' bla bla bla!

Now, you begin to wonder what you can place on the man. At the same time he was saying that his medical trips abroad were paid for by IBB, he was asking IBB not to dare Jonathan.

Of course, Nigerians know Daboh. He is never here or there.