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Conference of Nigeria Political Party (CNPP) has accused the South-East governors of sealing the fate of Igbos with their unilateral declaration that none of them will contest the presidency in 2011.

Briefing newsmen yesterday, Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) said the position was more condemnable and that the finality with which they gave the promise to President Goodluck Jonathan smirked of ignorance of divine intervention in the affairs of men.

Secretary-General of the conference accused the governors of playing God by selling the rights of millions of Igbo to dream of a president of their ethic set-up, adding that the governors should not think the situation would remain the same forever.

'What is happening in Nigeria is enough for any reasonable person to know that nothing is ever the same, calculations have changed unexpectedly, permutations have failed beyond expectation and I expect our governors to know this, failure to appreciate the divine touch in Nigeria political landscape, means they are shortsighted,' he argued.

The CNPP scribe maintained that the governors had forgotten that they lacked the moral right to speak for the people whom they originally stole their mandates because they rigged their way into office in the first place.

He berated the governors for lacking the shame to hide their apparent deficit of principles and inability to take a position and stand by it.