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Remember , the story of the "Midas touch"? Yes , whatever Midas touched turned to gold and wherever he went , he left a trail of golden sparkles .
Well , barely three months into office, unfolding scenario at the Imo State Police headquarters is gradually unveiling another "Midas in uniform" in the person of Mr. Isah Bala Mohammed , the Police Public Relations Officer ( PPRO) . It is no longer news that Mr Isah is a man of taste and quality . These have been brought to bear in the execution of his duties as reflected in his reels of attainments.
Within the period , Isah has successfully fostered a strong and cordial relationship between the command and the media . Carving a niche for himself with his willingness and readiness to listen to suggestion from the public even when contrary views are held. Isah never holds back on the pen-pushers and is overtly willing to discuss sensitive issues of public interest , the police force can never satisfy all segments of society all the time, the image -making efforts of the PPRO has to a large extent filled some gaps in the public opinion of the 'force' .
It is significant to note also, that because of his openness, humility and charisma, Isah is one officer that can rally round the Imo State Press corps on the shortest notice . This is no mean feat.
Isah's work attributes and collaboration with the state police commissioner, Dr Hezekiah Dimka has often been described as superb. The police commissioner who has made his mark as a forthright, no-nonsense and unassuming career officer in the force has no room for non performers in the execution of his duties.
Hence, the support and inputs of a quality image maker has become an integral component in the success story of the Imo State police command .
It is therefore, not far from the mark to state that such support and inputs are instrumental to the new -look Imo State Police Headquarters. Needless to mention the celebration that greeted the freeing of suspects from the state criminal investigations Department (CID) cells, a fortnight ago by the police commissioner .
Some of the suspects had overstayed and so were set free . Those who had serious cases to answer were promptly taken to court for quick dispensation of justice. It brought tears of joy to some of the detainees.This is a rare occurrence and has attracted commendation from nearly every segment of society .
Today, nearly all the detention cells in the Force Headquarters are undergoing decent refurbishing . This is a plus for the commissioner and his team.
In a brief chat with the PPRO , he said, "we work like a team, a committed and disciplined team. Personally , I have a work philosophy that compels me to leave every position and office I attain , better than I met it" .
This , perhaps, is his driving force and indeed Mr. Isah Bala has added a touch of class to police image – making . Hence, most recently, the police commissioner encouraged the young PPRO with an executive Peugeot 306 car to aide him in the discharge of his duties .
So when next you see the PPRO, it would be in a posh , police –blue ride that could blow your mind. Keep up the good work!
For over a month now, hard intrigue , speculation, allegations and counter allegations had trailed the activities of the Imo State directorate of the State Security Service (SSS).
Emerging pointers indicate that these may have led to the premature recall of and redeployment of the Imo State director of the SSS, Mr. Alex Amaechina. Things came to a head when the leader of the Movement for the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) , Chief Ralph Uwazuruike levelled an allegation of bribery against Mr. Amaechina . The MASSOB leader alleged that the SSS Director had demanded a N5million bribe for protection and the privilege of security information .
It was gathered that Mr. Amaechina may be subjected to further investigation by a panel set up by the Headquarters of the SSS over some sundry and unauthorized dealings with the MASSOB leader.
Chief Uwazuruike had a couple of weeks back alleged that the raids on his home in Okwe, Onuimo LGA of Imo State is as a result of his refusal to offer the N5 million bribe as allegedly demanded by Mr Amaechina in a secret meeting between the duo at Chief Vitalis Ajumbe's office. The meeting , according to the MASSOB leader was a sequel to an earlier meeting between the duo held in March at Chief Mike Ahamba's residence ,who incidentally is Uwazuruike's lawyer.
Mr Amaechina in his briefing with newsmen denied ever meeting with the MASSOB leader. And on the bribery allegation he spurted , "Uwazuruike is a bloody liar"Interestingly he referred the pressmen to the two men that hosted the said meetings.
In a joint press briefing the duo of Chief Vitalis Ajumbe and Chief Mike Ahamba (SAN) confirmed that the said meetings were held as stated. However, it is instructive to note that Chief Ajumbe and Chief Ahamba (SAN) categorically pointed out that they were unaware of any demand of N5m bribe. That such demand was not to their knowledge.
Naturally, Chief Mike Ahamba(SAN) who also is Uwazuruike's lawyer should have been the first to know from his client about such bribery demands if they were indeed made . Just like Chief Ajumbe, the senior advocate had no knowledge of the alleged demand.
Infact, Chief Ahamba stated that the meeting in his house, which was at the instance of the SSS Director was to diffuse tension and find an amicable way of dissuading Uwazuruike from his cause.
He narrated how the SSS Director had tried to advise and talk Uwazuruike into dropping his cause. The MASSOB leader had stuck to his gun and at a point it was obvious they had hit a deadlock , the meeting had to be called off. There was no mention of money whatsoever.
Hence , the recall and redeployment of the Imo State SSS Director , Mr. Alex Amaechina, possibly may not entirely be over the bribery allegation . It could be mere routine or…
There is no gain-saying the fact that the Imo State Chapter of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) is in turmoil. This incidentally was accentuated by the sanitizing effort of the PDP National Working Committee (NWC) which after a fact- finding mission, resolved to dissolve the state executive of the party .
And thereafter set up a caretaker committee which the Udenwa - led administration had, thus far failed to recognized .
As a result most pro-Udenwa politicians has heaped the blame for the political impasse in the state on Abuja –based Imo State politicians who some describe as the "Abuja Politicians" or the " Abuja Cabal" .
Reliable sources however hinted that the tradition of " cabals" in Imo State was initiated by the Udenwa administration whose subtle cabal goes by the name "Redemption 98" .
To this day, it has been alleged that , membership of the PDP is not enough to open doors or earn one dividends in the PDP government in Imo State .
Rather, membership of the cabal, called Redemption "98 is all one needs, to "feed on the good of the land"
Plum jobs and opportunities, loan facilities and poverty alleviation schemes , had mostly members of the Redemption "98 and those who share their sentiments on the priority list.
These and other things, a couple of months back, drew the ire of the PDP national chairman, Dr. Ahmadu Ali who categorically instructed Governor Udenwa to dismantle the Redemption "98 structure and use the PDP structure . Some sections of Udenwa's government denied the continued existence of the Redemption "98 structure , which allegedly had continued to emasculate core stakeholders of the PDP.
Incidentally , when the hammer fell from the NWC, dissolving the state executive of the PDP , Governor Udenwa and the remnant of his loyalists scurried back to the 'Redemption" headquarters which they have illegally re-christened " Imo State PDP headquarters" . Thereby reinforcing the insinuation that Imo state had all along been governed , not by the PDP but by the "Redemption "98 cabal. To the detriment of the greater majority of Imo citizens.
It was at the Annual Sectoral Workshop of the Special Marshal Department of the Federal Road Safety Commission ( FRSC), Imo State Command . The welcome address had been delivered by the sector commander, N.A Zakari, followed by similar thought provoking speeches from Chief Tony Muoneke, the Assistant commissioner for police , Mr. Charles Abutu and a few others.
They all harped on commitment and diligence, on dignity and integrity in discharging the responsibilities of the Special Marshal .
I felt I was honoured to be in the midst of an elite class of people who volunteered for the noble role of saving lives on our roads . At the end of the day. It took only the despicable conduct of one man to alter my previous opinion .
He is Dr. B.M. C Amadi the publicity secretary of the Special Marshal Department (SMD) . His conduct mocks the ideals of the SMD and induces ridicule .
For one, how would you describe a man who was given a stipulated amount to disburse to some personnel who assisted his organisation in the successful execution of the Annual Sectoral Workshop who shamelessly and brazenly short-changed these personnel under the very nose of the press men . Deducting varying sums of money ranging from N300 to N1200 from their original sum. Some of the individuals involved , he outrightly diverted their money with impunity .
This sort of action and others like it are gradually killing the integrity and respect hitherto bestowed on the men of the Special Marshal .
A number of speakers at the function wondered at the drastic reduction in the number of Special Marshal .
The simple truth is that unscrupulous miscreants in the mould of Dr Amadi had wangled their way into the elite class of Special Marshal . Hence, the decent ones cannot, but take their leave.
The big shame is that the graft "doctor" is the PRO and image maker of this assemblage of respectable , gentlemen. If the good 'doctor' could lie without a blink and gyp people out of what was rightly coming to them without a pang of conscience .His membership of the organisation and his role on the said day should be reviewed or else it would cast a credibility question on the organisation and its officers.
This foul blemish coming from a doctor, well , his kind of doctors are two for a penny, though . I was wondering if he was a herbalist doctor or an academic doctor of mischief.
Whichever, Fame weekly in subsequent edition would probe into the integrity, qualifications, antecedents , track and trend of B.M.C Amadi as a doctor and as a special marshal .
Meanwhile, he should be called to order before the shit hits the fan.
The University of Ibadan Community witnessed perhaps the hottest debate and intellectual discourse in the history of the premier university considering the number of the participants and their calibre in Academic world.
The event which was chaired by Dr. Odia Ofeimum an alumni of the varsity and moderated by the duo of Dr. Reuben Abati and Mr. Dare Babarinsa Nigerian's seasoned journalists, out of 20 professors who are aspiring to occupy Vice-Chancellor's office, fourteen participated in the debate organized by the University Community and four unions of the institutions including professor Adelowo from University of Agriculture Abeokuta (UNAAB). Other include professor Akinsoyinu, Professor Ijadunola, Professor Ayoade, Professor Alabi, Professor Ilori, Professor Olorunsogo, Professor Jaiyeola, Professor Omoomah and Professor Bamishaye were the only female contestants who participated creditably at the event.
The chairman of the Debate, Dr. Odia Ofeimu, applauded the organizers of the interactive session and revealed that solution to the major problem i.e. under funding is not far fetch but the fact that those outside who are willing to assist the universities in the country are afraid to associates with misfit who presides over our university. He gave the audience opportunity to ask question. According to moderator, Dr. Reuben Abati who did not want to allow a question to be read because it is outright libelous according to him but was prevented upon by the audience and the chairman of the occasion to read question which goes thus to Professor Ajayi the initiator of department of wild life and fisheries: could you please tell us why you have not visited the class to teach for the last 15 years professor Ajayi was visibly charged and his countenance depict absolute annoyance. He answered by reminding all that present that the department of wild life and fisheries is his initiative and he was the first to establish that department in the Africa continents which made United Nations to honor him in Buckingham Palace in 1994 where he was decorated by the then Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. John major. He went further that he single handedly tutored lecturers he recruited from a catholic priest in Ireland. He asked whoever cares to investigate and read editorial of daily time of a particular date in 1994, which was dedicated to him to applaud his ingenuity. He was cheered by the audience but left the podium very sad.
Another question was directed to professor Alabi for giving two of his children Mac authur foundation scholarships. Professor Alabi answered that 'for any one to be considered for scholarship such person must have recorded above 3.4 in his C.G.P and out of 16 faculties that exist in the university each faculty nominated 2 students and two of his three children who are in various faculties in the university who have won several local and international awards for the university were nominated. He went further by saying it is impossible for him to single handedly award his children scholarship when he was not part of the committee that award scholarship. He ended his speech by saying if you are good. You are good there is nothing anybody can do to it.
Professor Omaomah, one of the two female contestants was asked on how she intends to tackle cultists who smoke cigarette, marijuana and take hard drugs on campus. She answered that, she never know cultists could be identified by the kind of food they take or cigarette smoking. She said she has fought where necessary at any time. The dress sense of some of the professors were excellent but one is worth mentioning which is professor Ijadunola who wore boy Alinco like goggle.