Nigerian-born Hollywood producer scores again

One name that will forever be remember in the make believe industry within and outside Nigeria is Mlemchukwu Prospect whose crowd of admirers simply refer to as “Mr. Pee. He's an upwardly mobile dude who has be able to reach this height through his hard work and sense of experience in the films industry.
He simply reached deep into his bank of ideas and came up with this hay-maker and a dazzler tagged “Beyond the Verdict”. A movie for humanity.
It is a pathetic picture of our contemporary campus society. About the persistent evil that lurks in the dark, stalking the life and future of our youths, transforming adolescents into monsters in an environment where students are gunmen and our campuses are war-zones. To the utter helplessness and despondency of society, “Beyond the Verdict” is a thought-provoking, 143 minutes feature film in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Of what informed this particular movie, Mr. Pee speaks, “I have in the period of my stay in Nigeria read, heard and sometimes witnessed the reckless brigandage of student cultist in Nigeria's institutions of higher learning. However, recently, I had the most shocking experience of learning that my neighbour's brother was killed when he went to submit his final year thesis. He was shot dead by cult members in their school, Abia State University, Uturu Okigwe, alongside 14 others.”

“On enquiry, I realized that so much has been done by government to eradicate this ill, both at national and state level. However, the trend persists.
This means, that there is still much to be done by all stakeholders and not just Government. To that effect, “Beyond the Verdict” is my humble contribution”.

Emphatically, this new flick is not just an everyday movie, by everyday people, every other day. It is a suspense-filled overwhelming sizzler. The force of the characters and the movie's instant sense of communication make it an inspiring reference material for Government, parents and the society.

“Beyond the verdict” is a movie to help our children “Say No” to cultism. A positive project like this is unachievable without the commitment, support and involvement of key stakeholders. Cultism is responsible for wanton and avoidable deaths in our society. A menace breeds anti-social vices that could ruin the future of our nation.

If this project could save a few people and discourage a few others from participating in cult activities, it would have been a job well done, and money well spent.
A peek into the track and trend of the writer, director and producer of this rave-maker, Mr. Mlemchukwu Prospect (Mr. Pee)is indeed heart warming.

He began his career in movie direction and production at KCCTV channel 46, a local television station in Compton, California. His first release sold over a 100, 000 copies worldwide, that taught many people how to speak other languages.

Mr. Pee's debut movie, “Tokunboh” was a huge success that immediately put him in the elite class of Hollywood producers.
“Tokunboh” was written, produced and directed by Mlemchukwu Prospect and received the first place Award in the Black Film makers contest (putting him in the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame). Amongst his many successful works, Prospect made another chart buster, “Pestilence” like “Tokunboh”, it was picked for DVD and television distributions in Hollywood.

Prospect is a published author of four books and has produced many music videos that are playing on MTV, BET and VH-I.
Mr. Pee, a computer consultant turned Videographer is a member of the Screen Actors of America and has won three consecutive African Star Awards for best fiction and non fiction writing.

He has for many years worked relentlessly to revolutionize the film industry in Nigeria. He was instrumental and a foremost proponent in the introduction of the non-linear editing system in Nigeria's movie industry, as against the analogue model. Today his inputs are reflected in the rapid improvement in the industry.

His ideology: “I am the type of producer that is at home with newcomers and starters in the industry. I love the challenge of taking 'nobodies' and making them 'somebody'.
“Yeah, I want to be known as a director whose films should be watched, not because of the cast or stars, but because the movie has my seal of expertise”.

Presently, Mr. Pee is the CEO, GB Studio, Owerri and is happily married with two teenage children.