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Renowned actor, Nobert, for those who don't know him before might think he hardly talks, but behind those innocent and mild look lies another thing entirely.

Though, some people are of the opinion that the easygoing actor is a simple man with a dual personality but it was a different version last week in Benin when he had it rough and hard with an Okada man.
According to an eyewitness account, Nobert Young alighted from a bus and headed to board another bus to Delta/Warri.

When a fan, Female, of the ageless actor sighted him, she requested for an autograph, which I learnt he wanted to give with all pleasure. Unknowingly, on the spot, an Okada rider splashed water all over his well-tailored dress and he fumed with rage to the extent that he abandoned the autograph thing and stated raining abuses on the Okada man. But for the passerby who quickly intervened, the scenario at the bus terminus would have turned to a brawl.