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Opeoluwa Ojo is one of the up and coming artistes on the bloc who are striving very hard to surpass their senior colleagues in the industry. Within a spate of few months that she ventures into the make-believe world, the leggy Opeoluwa has been making waves, perfecting and interpreting her lines beautifully.
The Ilesha Osun State born actress who also doubles as a single has unflinching talents in songwriting and costuming.
Her debut appearance was in a movie titled Oranmiyan, a play by Bode Osanyin. After that, she has also taken part in numerous movies amongst which are, the Rape of Gideolu by Wale Macaulay to mention but a few.
At present, this Creative Arts undergraduate of University of Lagos is sweating it out in location on a movie, Ogbon Agbonju from the stable of Larry Gent Production. Watch out for her as she will be holding the world spellbound soon.

How did I forget to tell you that last month, precisely June 23rd 2005 Papa Ajasco and company that brainchild of Wale Adenuga was awarded the Best Marketed Television Comedy in Nigeria by the apex marketing body, the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. NIMN.

Former External Affair Minister, prof. Bolaji Akinyemi chaired the glamorous event, which held at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Lagos. It also has the frills of the distinguished members of the NIMN from all facet of life.
Biodun Awoyinka a.k.a. Papa Ajasco received the award on behalf of the entire crew of the Wale Adenuga Productions amidst cheers from the eminent guests and co-awardees who were excited to see the celebrated comedy character live.
“ I thank God for the creative mind He has imbued in us, I thank the organizers of the epoch-making event for the gesture as it will only spur us on to do even better” those were the words of the producer of the award-wining production company, Wale Adenuga.

Common Ground Productions Begins Reality TV Show Common Ground Productions, a world leader in creating innovative television, radio, and Internet programming for the reduction or prevention of conflict has perfected plans to commence their unique idea reality T.V. show for aspiring artistes in the Nollywood.
This novel idea from the stable of Common Ground Productions, which has just been through with rigorous selection of participants for the inimitable project, produces programmes that seek to change the way individuals and societies deal with conflict. The Academy, has not just infused some concepts that will be very different from what Nigerians are used to in terms of reality T.V. affair but is prepared to hold the country spellbound with their creative programmes.
These multi-faceted programmes endeavour to prove that contentious issues can be examined in ways that inform and entertain, while still promoting the search for solutions.

“In a recent chat with the Nike Awoyinka, the publicist to the international entertainment outfit which has gone round the globe discovering acts of arts. According to her “The Academy is a groundbreaking reality TV series which offers contestants the unique life changing opportunity of winning lead roles in an upcoming high quality, high impact television drama series produced by Common Ground Productions. The Academy is an unscripted reality TV series involving 20 contestants in a Hollywood style actors training program. Over the course of four weeks the wannabe television stars will undergo intensive acting, dialogue, and movement training from renowned international and Nigerian coaches, aimed at preparing them for the audition of a lifetime -a role in the cast of what is set to be one of the biggest television drama series ever produced in Nigeria. It's not going to be all hard work at The Academy as the lucky contestants will also get to experience the glamorous perks of being a television celebrity” she said in breathless anticipation.
When asked who are to showcase their hiding or inborn talents in the unmatched concept, she simply chipped in “We are looking for confident, energetic and motivated people who are ready to pursue their dream and demonstrate that ordinary Nigerians are capable of achieving the extraordinary. No previous acting experience is required as our team of acting and casting experts will ensure that each contestant has a fair go at securing one of the roles. Moreso, their personal development and sense of team spirit over the course of the training will be brought into play”.
However, The Academy is a great learning process for the audience as well as the contestants because, as we learnt, will give insightful information on the skills and disciplines required to be a successful television actor during the training periods.

According to Awoyinka, the reality show format is a great fit for the production company's cast selection as life is drama in itself and that it will ready the Nigerians for the fast paced, character driven contemporary drama series that will follow. Watch out for more detail about them on this page.
The Academy is sponsored by Nestle Nigeria Plc and will air nationwide later this summer.

FEMI BRAINARD, IYABO OJO ENDORSE NEXT MOVIE STAR'S SHOW Nollywood stars, Femi Brainard, Iyabo Ojo and others have come out to thumb up the laudable project of the Next Movie Star reality T.V. show that comes up in October 5th 2005 for their efforts in trying to encourage aspiring artistes to realize their potential in the industry.
The reality T.V. show, an initiative of DIM is aimed at discovering the future of the Nollywood stars. This interesting and educative show had Femi, Iyabo and Arthquake took part in a road show along the cozy areas of Allen Avenue, Opebi and Toyin Streets in Ikeja distributing fliers and imploring them to take part in the novel show.
According to Iyabo Ojo she said her career would have been on the peak if a thing like this was introduced in the past, may be she wouldn't have gone through the rigorous mean to the top.
Learnt that, the 20-day reality T.V. show which be aired on 23 stations on proudly Africa Network has its forms sold for a thousand Naira at Oceanic, Access, FCMB and First Atlantic banks respectively.