By Lere Olayinka

Honestly, these people need to be attended to by the Cuban doctors at the Ophthalmology Centre after which their mind can be reconstructed to begin to think like normal human beings.

In Ekiti, they are probably the only people, who have been so blinded by their failed governorship ambition that they can never see the 341 kilometres of roads already completed and the 472 kilometres that are ongoing.

Because their brains have graduated from psychology to psychosis, they can never see the 16 kilometres Isinbode-Iro-Federal-Iro-Irun road, which links Iro-Ekiti to other towns in the State, 29.1 kilometres Oke Ayedun –Ipao – Oke Ako – Irele road, 10 kilometres Ita-Awure – Ido-Ile road, 20.1km Ido-Otun-Kwara Border, 10.5 Ita-Ido – Ido-Ile, 13.2km Otun-Erinmope-Kwara Border, 4.2km Orin-Ido-Orin Farm Settlement, 32.1km Emure-Supare, 5.9km Egbe-Imesi, 6.0km Igbara-Odo – Ibuji, 17.0km Omuo-Oke – Omuo-Odo – Itapaji Dam, 29.8km Agbado-Ode-Omuo, 10km Omuo-Eda Ile, 4.6km Ifaki-Orin-Ora, 21.9km Ikogosi-Ipole Iloro-Efon Alaaye, 13.2km Emure-Eporo, 9.6km Iludun-Eda Oniyo-Obo Ayegunle Boundary, 4.2km Ifaki township, 2km Ipoti township and 2km Omuo township roads among other roads already competed and now being used by Nigerians.

As at today, the 26km Okemesi-Ajindo-Ikoro-Ijero road is about 98 percent completed. Construction work, which started from ijero has gotten to Oke-Iloro and the people of Okemesi and those travellers, who now use the road can bear witness to this.

That we are not wasting public fund on projects commissioning is a matter of policy because ours is not a government that would construct 10 kilometres of road and embark on 100 kilometres dance to celebrate it. Unlike what someone, who once ruled that State was doing, we won't distribute eye glasses worth N300, 000 and advertise it with N3 million billboards.

For the first time in this State, solid roads are being constructed as against the ones the AC people constructed while in office, and it is only natural that jobless people, who now regard politics as a profession would not see the roads.

We are therefore not bothered by whatever the AC people say because with their present state of mind, which is becoming irredeemable, they can never see any meaningful thing that the Governor Segun Oni-led government has done and it is such a pity that supposed educated people can allow their minds to be so blinded against reality and will the of God.

Wale Ojo-Lanre,

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