What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done With Your Spouse?

By The Nigerian Voice

Kate Godwin
The craziest thing I have ever done with my spouse was to have sex with him in the bush. We were going somewhere, talking and jisting. He reminded me of the first time we met and immediately, I remebered the first time we had sex. I felt the urge and I told him I wanted it. He has never denied me whenever I ask. Though he objected saying there was no place for us to do it, I pleaded that we go into the bush and do it and he obliged. We went into a farm and had a wonderful time.

Favour Obinna
My husband has had sex with me in the kitchen and while we were doing it, my food got burnt. I just brought the pot down from the stove, poured water into the pot and we went to an eatery close to our house to have dinner that night.

Patrick Oluwa
The craziest thing I have done with my wife was to have sex with her in the presence of my mother. It was at night. Whether she was awake or not, I did not care. I needed it badly. My wife refused initailly but she had no choice but to give it to me. Afterall, I paid her bride price.

Chris Agbong
It depends on what you mean by craziest thing. For me, anything that touches my heart is crazy. But one of the craziest things I love about my wife is that you will not know when she is angry or happy and that has kept our marriage going. I love that aspect of her and to me it is crazy that she can hardly be hurt.

Oba Jinbo
Well, for me, crazy things could mean different things to differnt people. It must not be something related to love making. One crazy thing I do with my wife has to do with food. She knows the type of food to give me each day. What she gives me on Monday is not what she gives me on Tuesday and to me that is crazy.

Arinze Adigwe
Crazy things in relationships are usually done at the early stage. I have really done a crazy thing with my spouse and that has to do with how we feel about each other.

Emmanuel Nwokolo
The craziest thing I have done with my wife which I am still doing is to hold her hands when we are strolling down the street.

Uzowulu Edwin
It is just to hold her hands while walking on the street or anytime I am going out with her. I also hang my hands on her shoulders. No matter where, whether people are watching or not, I don't mind. It has become part of me and I will continue to do that.

Ogbonna Ivi
The craziest thing I have done with my spouse was to feed her at a wedding function we attended. People were there and when we were served food, I fed her not minding that people were watching. She also reciprocated by accepting the food from me.

Anne James
Had sex with my husband on the roof.
Ngozi Ike
The craziest thing I have ever done with my spouse was to have sex with him in the toilet. It was a fantastic experience and I wish to have it more and more.

Idowu Blessing
My dear, this kind of question is not easy to answer and be published in a paper. But all the same, I have had sex with my husband through the anus. Though it was painful but the sweet words he was telling me made it easy for me. It was really painful and at the same time, sweet.

Henry Ifeanacho
It is simple. I have had sex with my wife in a car. We went somewhere that day and all of a sudden, the weather changed. Rain began to fall and it became cold. We had no choice but to park at a safe corner, wind up and started 'taking the thing'. It was a powerful evening for us. And as a matter of fact, we don't forget that experience. There was a day my wife offended me and I felt so bad that I wanted to take a decision that wouldn't have been favourable to me. But in the course of her pleading, she reminded me of that incident and I just forgave her instantly.

John Akalaba
I have had sex in a park at midnight under a full moon with my girlfriend.

Angela Moses
My husband and I always had sex at a particular park where we used to hang out before we got married. We were once caught by the police. It was funny. Now we just have sex in random places.

Kingsley Amakwe
I worked at a theatre with only one screen and a few hundred seats. I started dating a co-worker and we started talking really dirty one night when we were almost empty; about 10 people watching the movie. I ended up having sex with her right behind the counter. It was fun.

Joyce Okoro
I have had sex with my boyfriend with the doors wide open. We did not really want to have sex. He only wanted me to feel good, but we ended up having sex. What if someone had barged in? I kept asking. But it was fun anyway.