Stella Damasus keeps mum over troubled marriage claims


A-list actress, Stella Damasus is no stranger to controversy.

The sudden death of her husband, the late Jaiye Aboderin, in 2004, continues to generate controversy till today. And barely a year after she tied the knot with her new beau, Emeka Nzeribe, the rumour mills churned out tales that her marriage had run into troubled waters.
In this chat with Stardom, the actress opened up on her TV show. However, she keeps mum on all questions about the late Jaiye Aboderin and her new husband, Emeka Nzeribe.


We heard that you have a TV programme coming up. What's it all about?

The show is called The Stella Damasus Show. It has various segments embedded in it. But the first segment we're coming out with is called Changing Lives. Changing Lives, as the name implies, is aimed at doing just that. It is an inspirational show without being religious. It is an educational show which is intended to give insight into sensitive issues that most people find themselves in.

At what point did you conceive the idea?

The concept has been growing since 1999 but was finally broken down on paper in 2002. Hence, it has been a project-in-waiting for 11 years.

What should Nigerians expect?

It would sensitise, educate, enlighten, motivate, inspire and share experiences with people. But most important of all, to provide a positive perception of life in general.

How do you hope to single-handedly finance the project?

I have been doing that from day one. I have completed the shoot of Season One, which has 13 episodes. Funding a project like this cannot be easy but we at SDA Productions are determined not to allow funds to delay us any further.

Is there any corporate sponsorship or support?

Not at the moment. But we have approached some potential sponsors who have shown interest in the programme.

You are hardly seen in movies these days. What's responsible for this?

I just set up a production company. And when you start a business, you need to be on ground to run it until it gets to that point when you can hand over to someone else to run it for you.

What are some of the things you missed most about your late father?

Everything. From his smile to his words of wisdom to his calm spirit to his sincere and genuine love, to his honesty and fatherhood.

Most of your colleagues were visibly absent from your father's burial. Could it be that you are not in good terms with most of them as widely speculated?

I have answered that question time and time again. It was a private family affair; that's the way the family wanted it.

During the remembrance of your late husband, Jaiye, you were conspicuously absent. Was it deliberate?

Please, I don't want to dwell on the past.

How have you been able to get over the death of Jaiye?

Please, let's talk about something else.

What is your relationship with the family of your late husband?

No comments.

We heard you have virtually kept the children from the family of your late husband and that no member of the family has access to them?

My kids are fine and doing well.

Your hands seem to be full these days with numerous engagements. How have you been able to combine these with motherhood

It's not been easy. But thank God, I have been able to manage both.

What about your rumoured romance with Sammy Okposo?

Please, let us not talk about it. A press release has been issued to that effect. I just want this matter to die. I don't want to comment on it again.

How will you describe your relationship with your husband?

It's my private affair and I don't want to discuss it. It's all about me and myself.

Can you clear the air on the rumoured crack?

No comments.

There was this rumour some time ago that Emeka has absconded from his matrimonial home. How true is this?

I don't know. When you see those that started the rumour, you can ask them to confirm it.