Oxygen 2 Comes Alive with a Bang!

Source: pointblanknews.com

Continuing its efforts of bridging the gap between African Music and Hip Hop across the Globe, Camp Green Records (CGR) an arm of Camp Green World (www.CampGreenWorld.com) recently signed new recording Duo Oxygen 2 (also known as O2) to its CGR roster in 2010. The group which comprises of  PSean and Jay Cube Voa are often referred to as the future of Afro Pop. Oxygen 2 combines singing, rapping, and songwriting talents to bring a unique fusion of Pop / Hip Hop and African style to the music industry. The debut Mini LP “Fresh Air Therapy (Vol.1)” F.A.T was released on July 9 th 2010. The Mini LP has 8 engaging mix tape hit tracks including the already buzzing anthems “Money on the Table”, “Ya mi bodi”, and “2000 & Forever”.

Greatly influenced by Michael Jackson, R&B, Rock, Pop, Fuji, Afro-pop, Hip hop, and African music, Oxygen 2 is truly an international recording duo. PSean and Jay Cube are brothers who hail from Ondo state, Nigeria. They spent their young adult years shuttling between Nigeria, United States, and United Kingdom. The duo attribute much of their early interest in music to their parents who were both involved in musical ministries. Jay- Cube started writing and harmonizing at an early age in the U.S while PSean was in Nigeria pursing his rapping/song writing career.

Through the introduction by Wale Akin (Camp Green liaison), P-Sean and Jay Cube's talent caught the eye of Prince Beejay Adebanjo C.E.O and Co Founder of Camp Green Records. Adebanjo, a Nigerian native and musical connoisseur familiar with various Afro-pop artists; was impressed with the artistry and level of potential the brothers possessed. Consequently, Adebanjo aggressively sought the endorsement of C.E.O and President of Camp Green Records, Chike “Chi” Okeke Jr., a fellow Nigerian native and music mogul. This resulted in Jay Cube and PSean signing with Camp Green Records in the spring of 2010 as the Afro-pop duo Oxygen 2 (A.K.A O2). Together both C.E.O's have been actively involved in nurturing what is to be the future of Afro Pop or as fans already call them “ The Dynamic Duo”.

Oxygen 2 teamed up with Zimbabwean producer/engineer Archapello for their debut Mini LP “Fresh Air Therapy Vol. 1”. The Mini-LP is hosted by Disc Jockey extraordinaire DJ Zimo, and complete mastering for the project was done by Sounds Atlanta Recordings. Camp Green secured Award winning photographer Hannibal Mathews for all digital photography shot on location in Atlanta. Oxygen 2 is definitely a much needed breath of fresh air to the music arena who bring a unique style and sound experienced like never before in Africa's ever growing music industry.

“….Oxygen 2 was great to work with. I am honored to have met these two promising young men from West Africa.”

- John Cheadle www.soundsatlanta.com
Oxygen 2 is set to appear on Africa Première Television (APTV), Africa online radio and more. Oxygen 2's official single and music video is scheduled to debut in fall 2010 with rotations in Europe, North America, West and South Africa.

For event bookings and appearances, contact Wale Akin North America 240.755.1011, West & South Africa Jide Balogun 011.234.805.095.9914