Ali Baba – Not Tired At All

Source: Victoria Ige -
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They say he's all grown and all. He's been there and done that. He's groomed godsons that have themselves become godfathers. He's the grandgodfather; the godfather of godfathers. Many say the mentor-of-many has reached his peak, so he should take a bow and leave the stage.

And they've said it so much – that Ali himself has considered, again and again, quitting for real.

But, 20 years after embarking on the redefinition of stand-up comedy in Nigeria, Ali Baba is so many things; he's watched the comedy industry in Nigeria take a leap, under his very own nose. He's watched his colleagues move from boys to men; He's married and remarried; he's acquired properties and lost some. He's become the single parent for modern stand-up comedy in Nigeria. He's become a photographer. He's become a TV producer; an event consultant, even. But one thing is certain – Alleluia Atunyota Akpoborome is not tired.

And it's not about physical strength or age. The King of comedy still packs enough lines to make you crack some ribs as you roll on the floor and laugh you ass out. The truth is just that, if you've not seen him recently, it's not likely you'll see him anytime soon. His managers are working according to instruction: only book the king for kings. No joking around here – Ali Baba's comedy is serious business!

So these days, where will you find Ali Baba? Jamming in Aso Rock, hosting a breakfast party at The London Hilton Paddington, or putting smiles on the faces of Billionaire friends on a late afternoon boat cruise.

And, as he pulled off his last show 'Aligations', on Sunday June 13, it was easy to see again, that Ali is not joking. KSA, Dan Maraya Jos, 2face Idibia, and other heavyweights joined Ali Baba for an exclusive evening on fun, with guests paying as much as N1Million per table. It was the night he stopped being the king of stand-up comedy.

Ali moved up several notched higher – becoming the king of kings. Yes, feel free to address Basketmouth and Tee A and Gbenga Adeyinka and Julius Agwu and the rest of them, as kings…