Kelly Hansome Fires Back At MI, Others

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Last week we reported that much-talked about singer Kelly Hansome had had a sudden change of heart and apologised to his former employers at Kennis Music. For a minute, it seemed as though Kelly was finally ready to embrace rather than enrage the music community he'd become a part of, right?


For while the self-styled Nigerian music class prefect might be quietly going about mending fences with Kenny Ogungbe and company, Kelly still has no intentions of extending the olive branch to everyone else.

Love him, hate him or even loathe him, one thing is for sure; the moment you've heard about him and/or his antics, it's almost impossible to be indifferent to Kelly Hansome. Very much like that housefly that circles your rechargeable lantern while you battle through a ball of eba when PHCN has taken the light, Kelly Hansome's taunts and colourful remarks are seemingly harmless, yet impossible to ignore.

In a rear interview he granted,(pun intended, don't worry just read on and you'd understand why), Kelly Hansome talks about his importance to the industry, fake twitter accounts and the size of a certain BET Award nominees' behind.

Let's clear it up, is your name Kelly Hansome or Kelly Handsome?

Kelly Hansome (no 'D')

What was life like growing up in Owerri? Where do you live now?
Growing up in O-Town was so much fun. I live in the United States now.
As a child, how was Kelly? Were you the troublemaking type, the class bully or the quiet type?

I would say I was 'actively adventurous'.

Did you like school? Where you the class prefect at your primary or secondary school?
Hell yeah, I do! Yes I was a prefect in secondary school.

Your first record deal and album came out some years ago, how was that experience?

I learnt a lot about the business and got basic exposure.

How did you meet Kenny and D1?

They heard my songs in the club and got in contact, came over to the States and the rest was history.

Kelly what went wrong in that relationship?
We had communication problems but we've already trashed out issues and I'm on to the next one.

What's the problem between you and Wande Coal?
I have no problems with him. He was just unfortunate to have plunged into a battle he knew nothing about but he's still my boy.

Do you honestly feel Wande was referring to you on 'Who born the Maga'?

Sure. Questions to ponder – how did they know I am an Arsenal fan? My production company-Uglybeatz has a signature of a lion roar but Don Jazzy and Wande were confused on whether it was a lion or a dog hence… 'like a dog i'mma chain you, like a lion i'mma tame you'. Nothing goes on in the industry without me knowing about it so no need to play childish pranks.

How much of your issues with D'Banj are motivated by tradition and how much of it is commercially motivated?

I already said it all. He clearly claims he is the Igwe which represents 'a King' in Igbo land but how can I be an Oba if I'm not even a Yoruba man, not even from the royal family or a heir to the throne? We Africans respect tradition and culture; it's a taboo because if I claim to be the Oba they will equally get cross (with me). He launched his first attack on me when he says, 'don't know about you but I'm handsome.' My name is Kelly Hansome. Okay, maybe that was coincidence, what about 'African Michael Jackson'? I used to be known as Madonna Michael Jackson in my school days so he was directly trying to claim his own title was continental and not just limited to a school compound. I never raised an eyebrow at that but we have people in house (Mo'Hits) who keep us posted.

Then I guess Terry G can say okay, Kelly Hansome stole tile tile from me, or doesn't he have a right to?

'Tile' is a general FESTAC word whose origin can be traced back to the Burkinham palace of Plantashun Boyz. The full word is 'Tile pumping' which means sexy girl – a girl who has all the qualities a man wants in a woman, full option. I used this slang in my song True love. How can a houseboy call his mentor a copycat? He named his album after my song Free Me which is a slogan I started using after my deal with Myke records was over. Now, Terry hardly writes a song without using that phrase but I have left it for him. He further proved himself (as my boy) when he made another version of my son, 'Everybody shout Halleluyah… Maga don pay'. But he is free to copy because I'm bringing more hits than Jazzy.

How did the relationship between yourself and 2 Shotz go from that of love to one where you say something foul about him?

Point of correction, I said nothing foul so don't use that word else you're telling me you're unprofessional because the press should not be on anyone's side. He is an elder in the industry, no doubt, but his lines (on his recent single Oyoyo) sounded crazy to my fans who kept emailing me so I made it clear that he was not an issue for them to worry about, 'who the F is 2-Shotz when I killed Mo'Hits with one shot?'

When last did you two speak?
No comment
Have you ever met MI before? He says the two of you are friends…?

Sure, a couple of times.

Why did you decide to go after MI?

Because I was the only one he indirectly insulted in that track (Fast Money Fast Cars). Think about it, Kelly Hansome – Too Much Money - Maga Don Pay - Fast Money Fast Cash; talking about girls and their quest for the rich and famous guys (See the connection?). He mentioned a couple of names but never dissed anyone of them. So how can a short fan who I don't even know from Adam and doesn't know nothing about me, neither can he feed nor clothe me say I'm not a man? You can't even tell an okada man that because it's the biggest insult you can think of and yet he says, 'there's only one Kelly I know, Kelly Rowlands'. Does one mention one's name he does not know? He is the one whose sex is questionable because he's got big ass like a woman. (Laughs heartily)

Have you heard his response to you on Jesse Jagz new album?

I heard his weak response but that wasn't to me because he hasn't answered my questions yet and mentioning my name gave his track cheap promotion and he knew it. He only proved he is my no. 1 fan and I have no problems with that.

Are you on twitter? What's your twitter name?
[email protected] I was informed some guy has been impersonating me on twitter (@KELLY_HANDSOME) but I guess my management is working on that.

Give us an insight on what to expect on your new album.

See, I'm not Naeto but I surely know my P!

If you ever meet any of these guys in a show or on the street, what would be the outcome?
I always mind my business but if I get a hard push, there'll be an experience above normal.

Are there going to be even more names on the album?

If there's any more noise making in my class, YES.

In your opinion, have you gained more fans over the past few months since 'Igwe (Kom Kom)' came out?

Lost a few but gained more credibility and millions of diehard fans.

Don't you ever feel that you're alienating yourself from the industry? Creating more enemies or don't you care?
I am the industry.

What are your thoughts on the song 'Maga No Need Pay'?

No comments

What's the motive behind all the controversy you're stirring up?
I am not stirring up controversy but revolution. The industry is shady and needs to be taken over.

~Kelly Hansome's upcoming third album Namez of Noisemakerz currently has no release date.