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Popular movie actor, Yemi Solade, has described his colleague in the movie industry, Yemi Ayebo, otherwise known as Yemi My Lover, as a frustrated man. Speaking with Entertainment Cafe, Solade said the brawl between him and Yemi Ayebo is no longer an issue because he has put that behind him.

“He was drunk on that day and that was why he misbehaved. Can you imagine somebody of his status to be mingling with touts, disturbing other decent people under the guise of celebrating a politician's electoral victory? It's shameful.

“I'm not saying that he should not celebrate the victory of his candidate, but not in that stupid manner and more so, with area boys. When I drove into the premises that day, I wanted to enter the Feminar Cafe and he prevented me form entering. That was how the whole thing started,” Solade explained.

According to him, “I don't want to talk about the incident anymore because it's not an issue. He is a frustrated and faded artiste, so he wants publicity at all costs.”

Reacting to Yemi My Lovers' threat that the show of shame would still continue whenever both of them meet again, Solade said there is no cause for alarm.

“If that is what he wants, then I can tell you that he will have himself to blame if he tries to confront me again. I'm not scared of him at all,” he said.

Entertainment Cafe gathered that after exchanging hot words that resulted in a fracas between the two movie stars, Yemi My Lover's supporters started throwing plastic chairs in Solade's direction and that eventually led to a free-for-all