Closing The Curtain On Shade Corner Season 4

By Ayebanoa Spiff

Every good thing must come to an end, this episode starts sad as the gang realise that this is the series finale of Shade Corner 4 and the gang talk about a topic that’s a big deal in Nigeria at the moment. With illegal drugs growing more popular and easily available to the general public.

Akah, Tamara, Noble, and Dayo share their life experiences and from other people’s testimonial. The episode is so insightful with the gang explaining how people could easily get hooked to the various drugs in the hope of pushing their talents. The gang worry that this might not be the best way to bring out their talent as the artist/creative may not be able to put out their best work without depending on drugs. Dayo and Akah also encourage parents to be open with their kids about the effect of drugs so they don’t find out about drugs from their friends.

There are various rehabilitation centres to help with anyone dealing with the use of drugs and addictions and as Tamara said, please talk to your friends and family as well, do not keep yourself locked up.

“I can’t believe the season is over already, this was such an important topic and it’s the best way to close out the season. Drugs kill and lead to other health crises, please reach out to someone if you are facing a drug addiction issue. Stay tuned to Accelerate TV cause the shady bunch will definitely be back.” said Colette Otusheso, Head of Accelerate TV.

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