Dominic Indubusi Eze

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I grew up in an artistic family. My father was an expert in traditional instruments, while my mother was a dance leader among her peers in the community and since the age of seven, I have always gone out with them. I led a band later and we were playing all over Enugu State. I released my first album in 2000 entitled:Ancient Doors Open and between then and now, I have released four others. At the moment, I am working towards coming out with a new one by December. The work is already complete and it is entitled: Holy Ghost fire dance.

Entering Nollywood

All the while, I have been a script writer. I wrote the movie in which I made my debut at the Nollywood but had to sell it to marketers. However, I still go through audition like other actors and got the lead role. Since then, I have been having offers but I am selective of the roles I play because it is not just about the money but what it represents. I also participated in the set contruction of that first movie aside producing a musical video for a gospel musician. I also choreographed for another musician.

I get ideas from current affairs and events happening around me. So, I used my works especially music to address societal issues and speak for the voiceless.


I grew up liking people like Patty Obasi, Celestine Ogbu (now late), Chika Okpala and foreign gospel musician, Don Moen but in the movie world, I admire people within and outside Nigeria like Mel Gibson, Pete Edochie, RMD, Genevieve Nnaji to mention but a few.


It has not been all that easy for me. I have had problems with getting marketers for my albums. I have witnessed hostility among colleagues in the industry too but these I consider as stepping-stones. Earlier in my career my parents didn't support me, they thought I was wasting my time but now they are proud of me.

Musical style

I sing Afro gospel Hip-hop which is about giving an African dimension to Hip-hop. I also sing high-life music. I am just trying to make myself more appealing to all classes of audience.

Why Gospel music

This is largely owing to my Catholic up bringing and my love for God. So, I decided to preach the gospel of Christ through my music. I see musicians as prophets. However, I do love songs like King Solomon in the Bible.

Future plans

I hope to produce and direct my own films in the nearest future and possibly take my music beyond Nigeria. I see it coming and I am working towards it.