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Emma Ayalogu is a versatile actor and one of the pioneers of Nollywood. He is a writer as well as a director. Ayalogu has written many scripts and featured in many films.

I hail from Onitsha in Anambra State,I study French at the University of Jos and graduated the year 2003. I am married with two kids. Married to one of Nollywood's best actress, Edith Jane Azuh a.k.a Mama.


What inspired me was the love for acting as well as talent. I have being an actor from my childwood, when I was in secondary I acted. Although, I studied French in the university, I also studied Theatre Art as an elective course where we were asked to act on stage. At that time Zack Amata and Late Professor Sunny Oti were my lecturers Fred Amata was also my course mate at the University of Jos. After graduation, I tried the civil service work but it did not work out. Because of my love for drama I resigned.

Roles played

I have taken part in many films. I could remember"Living in bondage", "Nneka the Pretty Serpent", Taboo, Lean on Me, Glorified, Ripples. Just recently, I took part in Ego's bride, Royal family and Games Men Play.

Scripts writer

I have also written many scripts that I have even lost count of . But the ones I could remember are: Brotherhood of darkness, Ashes of Hatred, The Web by Zack Orji ,Ultimate Warriors, 21 days with Christ, The Year of the Unknown, Glorified, Before the Sunrise,The Amstel Malta Standard (AMBO). The title and concept was written by me in 1996.The organizer changed a few things in the script.


The roles are quite challenging in one way or the other . If you were not told to play a drunk, you would be asked to play a lawyer. If you were not asked to play a doctor, you will be ask ed to play a stupid man and they are not in your character, so you face the challenges of adapting, The most challenging movies that I would always like to remember are: "Lean on Me', Glorified. Dying for tomorrow, Before the sunrise and Roses in the Sun.


A director's perspective is intellectual, artistic and as well creative. The actor's perspective too is also intellectual you need affinity between the director's perspective and the actor's interpretation. A good director can direct and act as well.


First, God is my mentor. Second, I owe much respect to some Nollywood actors like Fred Amata, Late Jennifer Okere-Osai, Richard Mofe Damijo,Olu Jacob,Zack Orji among others.

Embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment has nothing to do with Nollywood. Rather it was the day I discovered I was not holy before God irrespective of the laws I have been abiding by That experience made me then to start learning about holiness all over again.

Advice to young actors

They must be creative, obey the laws of the industry. If you have to act, you must go deep down and understand what is going on in the industry. Second, do not dwell on negative thoughts.


Nollywood is on the top now compared to when we started .Nollywood is trying to meet up with that Hollywood. We are really going international and I believe that in the next five years, we will be boasting of attaining a greater height but there would be need for marketers to market the movies outside the country. In doing that there will be less of the pirates.

Next five years

In next five years, I believe Emma will know God deeper.Then, with the will of God for my life, I will reach a greater height.


Piracy is something that can never stop because we are the ones assisting them on that,if we are able to market our film in a larger quantities before the pirates mass produce the films, we would have sold enough to keep us in business and make film making a profitable ventsure.