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My real name is Bassey Okon Edet. I am a musician and an entertainer from Akwa Ibom State. The name Goody Goody came from kids who are my fans and I had to develop it and give it a meaning.

Initially, I used to call myself Pastor but when kids started calling me Goody Goody because I always buy them good things, I then adopted the name Pasto Goody Goody which means; passing good things.

Kind of music
I play every type of music with the reggae infusion. I am a reggae artiste, but like Wyclef, I like to touch every kind of music using reggae beat.

I started out as a drummer in 1985/86 when I was 13 years old. I got my inspiration to sing the first time I watched the Icammos on Reggae Sunsplash. I joined his fans' base and he sent me some of his lyrics. After studying them, I started singing. I actually became a musician in 1993; recorded my first demo in 1997 and came up with an album in 1999. The album is entitled: It Believes Me. The album didn't do quite well because of poor distribution by marketers. Personally, I sold over five thousand copies at concert venues and during tours.

My forth coming album is entitled: Story of my Life. It contains tracks like Iwolomo which I did with Pasuma, and featured Rhymzo and Slam. The album is ready but I am still waiting for marketers who would show interest or the one that is going to give me a better deal. Before the end of March, I believe that it will be out in the market.

Problems of the industry
The biggest problem we have in the industry is artiste's packaging. Most of the artistes you would discover, go to the studio by themselves without anyone telling them their songs were good or not. The few labels we have often wait for artistes to complete their jobs before they signed them on.
Nigerian music industry

With due respect to the old artistes, the young acts, people like us, 2Face, the up-coming stars of the Nigerian music, they have a lot of challenges. There are certain things that are not in place, which we have to come and put in place ourselves. So, if I have my way in In the next two to three years, I foresee foreign companies coming in to take our music outside. In three to four years' time, they will start celebrating us as real stars.

In my first album, I have 18 tracks and 16 of the songs were pirated. That was what killed the main album because if people wanted to buy a CD, they would prefer to buy the one that featured other artistes than buy mine.

Role model
In Nigeria, Pasuma is my role model. I've always wanted to see him. In the world it's Michael Jackson and Eminem. Once a person's music is good that person becomes my role model.

It comes when I am happy and when I am with the right people. Above all, it comes from God Almighty. Surprisingly, I never attended a music school. It's like an in-built thing. Anytime I want to write songs, I go on my knees; and pray.

The challenge before me is keeping the tempo. Some people have said that I am good in collaborations but not as a solo artiste. They are judging me with my old album. The biggest challenge is how to prove the people wrong.

I cut my hair every weekend like every other person. If you wear the type of dreadlock I wear and you allow it to grow within two to three months, it will fall and once it falls, it's no longer my style. I have maintained it like this and it has been my trademark.

Message in lyrics
In my first album, I dealt with a lot of moral issues and this time, I intend to delve a bit into projecting Nigerian women and singing their praises.

Future plan
I want to see the people of Cross River State and Akwa Ibom State who speak almost the same language come together as one. My biggest dream this year is to see both states come together and dance to my music.

I am single for now because I can't mix business with pleasure. Right now, I am in a fix and no woman will like to be mine now because I don't sleep at home. If I am not in the studio, I will be in one show or the other and women need time. I am going to get married soon but I leave it in the hands of God.

Prince of Akwa Cross
This is a self-acclaimed name nickname. I am trying to cut across, I'm just saying that my real name is Bassey and my other names are Okon and Edet.