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Ojo Arowosafe a.k.a. Fadeyi Oloro
ADDRESS: Meran Road, Ojokoro Town, Lagos State, Nigeria.
DATE OF BIRTH September 15th, 1957
MARITAL STATUS Married with children
STATE OF ORIGIN Ekiti South West Local Government, Ekiti State.
ANGUAGES SPOKEN Yoruba, English and Pigeon English
i) St. Pauls Catholic Primary School, Igbara Odo, Ekiti
ii) Timmy Agbale Grammar School, Former Oyo State (now Osun State)
Tell us a little about your childhood, growing up, parents, brothers and sisters?

I was born and brought up at Igbara Odo, Ekiti. I played a lot of football in my childhood with peers and I really had a great youth. My Parents were Mr John Arowosafe and Mrs Adolaowo Arowosafe, both (Late). Brother: Mr Simon Arowosafe (elder).

What was the first paying job ever that you had? - Tailor, carpenter, clerk, foot soldier, etc.?

I worked on agricultural farms as a farm cultivator (i.e. farm labourer) , removing grown weeds on people's farms

How much were you paid per month and what were the responsibilities?

A pound ten shillings (weekly wages) back then.

What other jobs did you do outside Acting?


What made you go into the Acting career and when did you start Acting (year)?

I develop personal interest in acting and that began in the year 1977.

Who were your Idols/Models (Actors) in those days?

Francis Daramola a.k.a Egbeji

What was your first role in Theatre, TV or Movies?

A child of Egbeji in a stage and Television Programme between the years 1980-1982. I was called Fatunde.

What was your major break-through role and in what film, series or play?

The role of 'Fadeyi Oloro' in a Television Programme titled 'Arelu' in the year 1986.

What were the constraints you had to face and overcome as an up-and-coming Actor (young actor)?

I encountered serious criticisms from my parent, family friends and friends. They objected to it with the simple reason that the profession harbours criminals and thieves, but I thank God today.

How many films have you been involved with as an Actor to date?

Too numerous, but I can still reel not out these few ones:
i) Adani Loro
ii) Fitu fona
iii) Bola ele o' ku
iv) Ade do gun
v) Ruke rudo

As a DYNAMIC, OUTSTANDING, 'A'-List Actor, how have you managed to adapt to the different range of roles you have played in your career?

If you are a professional, a very good one for that matter, you must be able to blend to any role. But ultimately God is my guide.

What is the most awkward or strangest role you have had to take/play in your career and why?

I have never come across such with the exception of obvious nudity role in a film.

What film have you been most proud to be involved with so far, and why?

In a celluloid film titled 'Ayon mo' - a film by late Chief Hubert Ogunde (of blessed memory). I played the role of an abuser. I took part in the film with top and well-known actors and actresses, when it was too hard for an up-coming actor to be included in Pa Hubert Ogunde film then.

As an 'A'-List Actor yourself, what other 'A'-List Actors or Actresses have worked or collaborated with?

Virtually all of them.

Did you at anytime want to quit your Acting career for something else or for a reason, and why (if any)?

At All

What is the motivation for you or what keeps you interested in this career every morning you wake up?

When people appreciate my efforts and contributions with utmost sincerity. I say to myself, I am really doing what people like, so I will always want to continue.

How important are our Nigerian roots, morals, values, knowledge and sense of wisdom to you and your works?

I endeavour to introduce the importance of our moral values in my films, educate both young and old on the various importance and need for wisdom.

On the stories, scripts, or screen play of your films, and its impact on the Nigerian/African cultural values (home and abroad), how do you manage to harness, keep and pass them across in your films?

We transport historical stories, apply it with present day standard where the values are respected and correct where necessary.

As a Producer, Director and filmmaker also, how is this different for you from Acting and what is the additional drive for you?

The difference does not much differ since there is division of labour. My age-long experience and constant practice is my driving force.

What projects are you working on at the moment and with whom?

A big project titled Ajagunmale Oluwo Orun with Yem-Kem International.

Where do you see yourself in this career in the next five years?

I see myself to be globally known and accepted. Also, at a laudable height with top players in this profession.

Where do you see the Nigerian movies industry in the next couple of years?

At a standard of international repute. Our Artist can achieve this, just wait and see.

When you are not working (Acting, producing, directing or making a film), what do you do or how do you pass the time?

I read magazines, newspapers and visit friends.

What are you hobbies and interests?

I play football and listen to music.

What kind of music do you listen to and who is your favourite musician?

Juju – King Sunny Ade.

Is there an International Actor (American, British, Australian, African, etc.) you will want to work with if the opportunity presented itself?

Whoever God says I should work with.

What message do you have for your international fans in America, United kingdom, Europe, Africa and its Diaspora?

I say a big thank you to you all for being there for me during my trying time (near fatal accident). I love you all, and please keep encouraging and praying for me that is my driving force. Remember your home. We need you more than you know.

For any reason at all, how would you personally want your fans to remember you?

They should remember me through the interesting dialogues in my works. But ultimately as Fadeyi Oloro, a movie warrior that kills a dead person twice.

Barring any work or previous appointments, if we invited you to America, UK or anywhere else to meet your fans, will you be available to meet them?

Of course Yes, I am always available.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you too