Statement From Nigerian Entertainment Today and NECLive on the Passing of Majek Fashek

By Nigerian Entertainment Today and NECLive

Lagos, Nigeria, Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - The editorial board of Nigerian Entertainment Today (Netng) and organizers of Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive) are saddened by the passing of reggae music legend, Majek Fashek.

Majekodunmi Fasheke was an extraordinary talent who blessed the world with a unique version of reggae music birthed by the infusion of special African rhythms and sounds that he named kpangolo. And the world fell in love with him.

With his creative genius, remarkable stage presence, deep spirituality and commercial appeal, Majek Fashek redefined what it meant to be a globally recognized African music star. He broke all barriers and penetrated hearts and homes beyond the shores of the continent.

Majek’s success in the late 80s and early 90s helped breathe new life into the local Nigerian music scene, and his works continue to inspire today’s generation of artistes and performers. He will forever be remembered not only for sending down the rain, but also for his reign as leading cultural ambassador of Nigerian music, which he proudly introduced to millions of people around the world.

While we mourn Majek Fashek’s passing and commiserate with his family on this loss, we continue to celebrate his remarkable life and the evergreen music he left us with.

Ayeni Adekunle
Founder & Convener, NECLive
Femi Falodun
CEO, ID Africa