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Born and raised as JESSE OMOKAGBHOR in the early 70's in Nigeria, Africa by his parents in a “Mission” house as his father happens to be a Priest in a small church out there. Jesse King as three (3) years old boy started listening to his church pianist play the keyboard and from their discovered his vision in life.

A vocalist per excellence, multi-instrumentalist Jesse King left his first love which was his education as an economy undergraduate at the University of Ado Ekiti to focus on his now demanding music career and began to learn the rudiments of recording production to give his music career the much need boost and attention.

While toying with one of his songs at UPDATE DIGITAL STUDIO one night, a sound engineer by the name Ahmed Ogunbanwo was arrested by the enormous talent Jesse King possesses so much he promised to guide and brightens his music career. And at last after three (3) tasking years Jesse king was able to put together an album project titled “BUGA” which denotes our manner of self expression and confidence in showcasing the rich African customs while celebrating and exhibiting our cultural values and traditions in a music full of rich rhythm and groove.

Apart from being an astute radio jingle expert who's lost count of how many corporate jingles and movies soundtracks he's done, Jesse King has been involved in some live show performances which includes but not limited to:

- Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Youth scene in 1990
- Nescafe Pre-party show
- Fame Award Nite
- Valentine All star Concert
- Ekimogun concert to mention etc

When asked where he draws his strength Jesse King says “My Inspiration is from God and my Church”.

“I don't care how rich you music library is if you don't have “BUGA” in your collections you better sack you music collector”.
- Bishop Adejube

 Watch out for Jesse king and the Queens in the Palace [Jesse Omokagbhor].

Everybody “BUGA” for reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal, peskele!!!!!!!!!!!!!