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After speculations, denial to the press and later, confirmation that indeed she was hooked to Babatunde, a London based businessman, popular actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola finally said 'I Do' at a traditional wedding ceremony in Lagos.

The couple had their Church wedding about two months back in Manchester, United Kingdom. They were also at Ikoyi Registry to legalise their matrimonial union.

The Handsome and fair skinned Babatunde Olayiwola Owolomose who swept the actress off her feet has been living in the United Kingdom for many years and hails from Lagos Island, Lagos State.

That day he was ushered into his in-Laws presence about 2.20pm. The long chain of dancers and entourage that led him into the fully packed auditorium would have made the Queen of England green with envy. He prostrated right, left and centre to convince the bride's family he meant business. He was clad in embroidery brown agbada laced with a touch of gold and the traditional abeti aja cap.

The bride also came out in her well-tailored traditional outfit. She was made to sit beside her husband. They got a lecture on how to be good husband and wife. They also prayed for the two of them and later, guests were made to witness their first kiss in public.

Opeyemi has been able to play the role of bride successfully in her nine years of acting but nothing it seemed prepared her for the real life scene she found herself on Saturday. She appeared tensed and emotional when she was ushered in. Her face was covered as tradition demands. Her colleagues and friends ushered her in with singing and dancing. She had a brief stopover at her in-law's stand where all sort of prayers were made for her. And it was there that she started laughing and dishing out her charming smiles to all and sundry. If kneeling down would translate to successful marriage, Ope's marriage would definitely be successful. She knelt down for almost all the members of her husband's family and responded each time they prayed.

Their Love Story

Babatunde could not resist the charming aura of the actress after watching her interprete roles in some Yoruba movies in the UK. He called her to appreciate her and what she had been doing.

Opeyemi was surprised and wondered how he got her number in the first place. Later, they started talking on a regular bases to the point that when she got to London, they arranged to meet at a studio.

That day, Babatunde came with some gifts and money so that they could go out but she was not interested. Tunde became more persistent afterwards. And like they say, all that is now history with the solemnisation of the relationship in Manchester City where Opeyemi's mother also plies her trade as a nurse.

Celebrity Roll Call

The wedding ceremony paraded a huge number of her colleagues in the movie industry, musicians, producers, friends and well-wishers and took place inside Ostra Hall, Ikeja. Despite, the expansive nature of the hall, hardly could it contain most of the guests in attendance. Every available space was taken and some people had to leave the hall to avoid suffocation.

Kalu Ikeagwu and Femi Brainard who were the first to show up. There was also Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo), Yinka Quadri, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Bisi Ibidapo Obe, Funke Akindele, Fathia Balogun, Ayo Badmus, Muyiwa Ademola, Toyin Aimaku, Moji Olaiya, Nike Peller and a whole lot of other people made it to the event.

Most of them appeared in the official attire of green wooden except for the likes of Kalu, Yomi, Femi Brainard, Ayo Badmus, Moji Olaiya and Muyiwa Ademola. Those who wore the traditional attire got gifts such as ceiling fan and heater; at least we saw Fathia collecting hers.

Soldiers take over security

Perhaps envisaging the mammoth crowd that would show up at the ceremony, the organisers engaged the services of some uniformed men. They were at the gate to screen people and steer off hoodlums who tried to use the opportunity to harass the celebrities to part with cash.

Meanwhile, street ushins popularly known as area boys still had a field day. Some of them made money by allocating packing spaces to car owners. Some generous artistes also doled out money to them. At a time, we saw some of them fighting over the money they had collected.

The Cake

One thing stood out at the wedding was the cake. Naturally, the five steps cake with images of a man and woman on top of it drew attention of all including press photographers.

Behind The Scenes

Toyin Aimaku Bares It All

She captured the attention of everyone when she walked into the venue. The colour of her skin and chest were the centre of attraction perticularly to the male folks in the hall. A great deal of her breasts were exposed. And she did her best to flaunt it for all to see by being all over the place. Some guys lusted after her and whistled when she passed.

Was Femi Brainard Tempted?

It is good to be a star because once in a while you get to enjoy some privileges not available to ordinary people. Femi Brainard the cross over actor had a solo ride right in the tick of the show when he sat Toyin Aimaku on his laps for almost one hour.

Yomi Fash-Lansho, The Miser?

Yomi danced and twisted to the rhythm of the traditional drummers (praise singers) but did not part with a dime. He kept asking people nearby for where he could change the N1000 notes with him but made no attempt to follow it up with action throughout the time we were there. The praise singers were eventually frustrated and moved on to Nike Peller who appeared to be more generous.

Muyiwa Ademola And Ogogo Stole The Day

When Muyiwa Ademola stepped into the hall the atmosphere became charged. People immediately stood up to take photographs with the Yoruba lead actor. He calmly welcomed them with a smile and acknowledged their cheers.

Meanwhile, Taiwo Hassan, popularly known as Ogogo was not even allowed to step into the hall before fans mobbed him and posed for photographs with him.

Opeyemi In Brief

Opeyemi Aiyeola is in her early 30s, she is from a polygamous home and grew up in Lagos. Her journey into marriage was not without questions and rumour. The actress who came into the movie industry in 1998 with her stunning role in Aso Iyi, was discovered by late Yomi Ogunmola.

She belongs to Odunfa caucus of the Yoruba movie sector and has remained on top of her game.