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Q: What are you doing now?
A: I just came back from a tour of America and UK and one of the reasons I returned to the country is because of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), where I performed with Tic-Tac of Ghana. Now, my new album entitled Free Soldier is out. We did the launch in August 2006 and now we are doing some video to run on air.

Q: Why did you relocate to Ghana?
A: Not really, but I have been doing some jobs with some Ghanaians. For example, in the new album, I featured some Ghanaians. We are still working and going for a summer holiday as well as tour of the United Kingdom. Most times, I have been away.

Q: Did you really play at a major concert during the tour?
A: Yes, because I was in Houston, Chicago and Minnesota. I had to go back to London because I went with my crew as we were actually there for a major concert and video shoot. I also travelled with my wife, son and the crew.

Q: After your contract ended with Kennis Music, you did not consider renewing it. Why did you quit the label?
A: I don't know for other artistes, but I believe it was high time I moved up, that's why I left the record label. There was no biff, no quarrel and nothing happened between us. I just left when my time was up. They have really tried their best and I thank God for that. Our relationship is still intact.

Q: What did you gain from them and what did you lose to them?
A: I gained a lot and I did not lose anything.

Q: Since your former group, The Remedies, split, a lot of people have not really heard what led to your parting of ways. But music pundits believe you left the group because you had the potential of outshining others. How true is this?
A: No. For real, everyone just believed he could do it alone and so, everyone decided to go solo.

Q: When you guys formed the group, did you ever envisage that you'll one day split?
A: We did not plan to split, but you know that when you are into something and notice that things could be better if you stay alone, then you can decide at any time to go solo. So, I believe that going solo is not bad as it will create an enabling environment for you to work with anybody and feature any artiste in your songs. It can also make you have a breakthrough and showcase the person you are to the outside world. It can also really uplift you.

Q: When The Remedies was still intact, who was actually in control?
A: Nobody was in control but what I know is that the group did not create any opportunity for me to express myself to my fans.

Q: With your experience as a member of a defunct group, will you advise upcoming ones to form similar groups?
A: I will advise them if they understand each other, but once they are a group, they should learn not to split because it can favour one and affect the other. So, it is a two-way thing and it is better to stay as friends and be united as one, than split up.

Q: Would you say the parting of ways of The Remedies favoured you or otherwise?
A: I can say it really favoured me and I appreciate it because I love being on my own and going solo. I have gained a lot as a solo artiste. I have made so much money as a solo artiste.

Q: What are you currently working on?
A: I am working on the album of my artiste, Tony Robinson, and one other. Actually, I featured them in my new album and they are my artistes on Tetuila Records label. Already, I have both of them signed on my label and they travelled with me to London for the video shoot. Now, we thank God that everything is alright.

Q: That means you are very rich now?
A: Well, I won't say I'm rich, someone is richer than I do but I want to be richer so I can help the upcoming ones.

Q: Frankly speaking, did you gain from singing Governor Bola Tinubu's praise?
A: , I did. He's like a father and my benefactor. He did to me what a father ought to do for his child.

A: I won't like to disclose that, but he's a father.

Q: A lot of people see you as a ladies' man, how do you relate with the opposite sex?
A: I thank God I now have a wife and son because my wife really understands me. I don't have any problem coping with my female admirers because they will always be there for me. In any case, as a man, whenever you are with your female fans, you have to deal with them in a diplomatic way and also treat them with respect.