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Bring on the bounce and create the big, beautiful 80s style that are a hot hair extension in vogue now. Walk down the street and pull eyes to your hair with the hot coloured hair. They are cool, fashionable and chic. They could be worn short or long with the choice of vibrant colours. But it all depends on the wearer's choice.

With the rain just behind you, you still need a hot look even when the rain has flattened and the hair wears a lifeless look, you can still achieve that gracious look with the colored hair.

The tips and tricks you have to follow is to start with the cleansing and conditioning shampoo, then pamper your hair with conditioner which is packed with nourishing ingredients.

Finally, work in mousse, blow dry and spritz with the hairspray to ensure long-lasting body. Be mindful of the fact that you always have to apply conditioner after shampooing. Bear in mind that unconditioned hair accumulates damage faster.

Put your hairdryer on a lower setting because it is kinder to hair and reduces static.

Check your brush for rough areas that could lift the cuticle and cause breakage.

Avoid twiddling with your hair as this can also damage the cuticles.

Limit damage caused by backcombing by using nourishing portentous shampoo and conditioner.