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Nigerian producers have recently adopted the use of creative animated voices and images to ensure superb quality in their production.

However, this trend, which was not in vogue in the past, may have accounted for poor qualities of early Nollywood films. But with the introduction of good quality computers in the country that can ensure the production of other kinds of films than those recognised by Nollywood, competition is sure on the high way.

In the United States, according to Engineer Obi Amadi, the Disney images and the popular Tom and Jerry including the recent teleturbies are better films that compete favourably with acted films. In animations, the audience are great and enthusiastic, non critical of any issue as they are made up of teenagers. The adult film audience basically constitutes of people above eighteen and is few with the introduction of the power of animation and the likely production of the likes of Teleturbies, Tom and Jerry and other Disney Cartons, Nollywood is sure to have a rough time.