Sultry actress, Opeyemi Ayeola, whose traditional wedding holds on 24 March, explains how she intends to cope with her new status in this interview

Q: Where do you plan to have your honeymoon?
A: That's one thing I won't like to discuss with anybody.

Q: What's your plan on an ideal family, I mean how soon do you intend to start making babies and how many?
A: I believe God's time is the best and babies will come soon.

Q: As an actress, would you face your career first before making babies?
A: That's what I have just said. It is God Almighty that produces babies and He will surely give me one soon.

Q: Let's talk about your husband, does he encourage your acting career?
A: With all honesty, yes.

Q: Why did you decide to get married when people least expected it?
A: Because it is believed that ti omode ba to l'oko, o maa n l'oko, ti o ba to ni ada, o maa ni ada. (There is time for everything). I think this is God's time.

Q: There's a general belief that actresses don't really enjoy marriage with men outside their profession, how's yours going to work?
A: I don't believe in that.

Q: There was a rumour that you had a child outside wedlock, how true?
A: I am not talking about that any more.

Q: Did you enjoy the recent holiday imposed by your association and what opportunities did it create for you?
A: It was a good time for me because I was able to spend more time with my husband.

Q: Did you say husband? Are you married already?
A: Yes, we're married already. That was 27 January. It was church wedding, while the traditional one is on the way.

Q: You look quite chubby, are you pregnant?
A: Did you impregnate me? Everybody will know when I am pregnant. It cannot be hidden.

Q: Some of your colleagues have just fallen out of ANTP to form another body, what's your view about this?
A: Sorry, I am not aware of that.

Q: But they are said to be aggrieved over the proposed ANTP regulations?
A: People are expected to grumble when there's a new law or rule. But I am not aware that people have left the association.

Q: Don't you care about the state of the association especially now that it has been factionalised?
A: All I want is the best for the association and myself.

Q: After the wedding, what are your plans?
A: I'll wait for God's plan.

Q: Do you intend to go into other things?
A: Maybe if I have money to set up a business.

Q: Do you hope to retire from acting?
A: I am an actress and will never retire from acting.

Q: What if your husband says you must quit?
A: That's our business.