By NBF News

A national newspaper recently reported disagreement between All Progressive Grand Alliance[ APGA] national chairman, Chief Victor Umeh and Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State.

Nwobu-Alor who was Chairman of Peter Obi Campaign Organisation is Governor Obi's uncle. There are now two camps in APGA; one headed by Nwobu-Alor, the other by Chief Umeh. Interestingly, Chief Umeh hails from Agulu area of Anambra as Obi and Nwobu-Alor.

According to the report a statement was issued castigating Umeh's camp and calling for sack of Umeh-led APGA national executive as presently constituted. Umeh's camp on the other hand is accusing the governor of disappointing the group that got him into office for a second term.

According to the report, a major cause of the squabble is that Governor Obi did not spread political appointments to reach all interest groups in the party, especially Umeh's loyalists. APGA is like the proverbial lone jewel of the one-eyed man which must not be lost.

I urge the contending parties to come together and salvage the party, especially because Governor Obi is still battling his mandate at the tribunal and a divided house could do incalculable damage to his mandate. Both parties must do whatever it takes to restore peace and ensure that the party does not go into extinction and more importantly that Governor Obi does not lose his mandate on the alter of sabotage.

• Dike Odu, Ozomagala Street, Onitsha, Anambra State