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Another romantic tragedy has befallen star actress, Uche Iwuji: Her plans and dreams of appending `Mrs` before her name in the first quarter of this new year has gone up in smoke, leaving her emotionally wounded and psychologically battered.

An inside source, who is privy to the whole thing confided in that the irony of it all is that it's all Uche`s fault`.
According to the source, the actress sizzling romance with Mohammed Glolo, from Kano State, was racing to the altar until she allegedly messed up the whole thing.

Expantiating on how Uche did it, the source said: Both of them were living together in Mohammed's Victoria Garden City, Lekki, Lagos home for almost six months. And marriage was already on the cards.
“In fact, Mohammed left Uche on Thursday to go to Kano and intimate his mother of their marriage plans. He was supposed to be back two days later, which was a Saturday. Unfortunately, the devil took over before he could return.
“Uche and some of her friends hit the road to enjoy themselves. This was on a Friday. Same day some engineers were supposed to visit Mohammed's home to fix his close circuit television monitor. When they got there and could not go in, they called Mohammed who said he was in Kano, but that they should discuss with Uche to allow them in.
“Uche, of course, was no where near home, So Mohammed said they should give the phone to his security man. It was the security man who now told him that Uche was not at home. That she went out with her friends. So he started trying Uche`s number without any luck until sometime around 1 p.m when he eventually reached her.

Mohammed asked Uche where she was and she lied that she was at home and had not even stepped out since he travelled. This got him really, really upset. But that was just the beginning.

As it also happened that, that Friday Uche and her friends went out to enjoy themselves, one of Mohammed's friends was equally in town in fact; the guy just got back from abroad and was introduced to Uche. They said they spent the night together, before the guy left for Kano to see Mohammed the next day.
While in Kano with Mohammed and his mother, the three of them decided to watch one of Uche`s movies. And without knowing that Mohammed had plans to marry Uche, in fact, that he was in Kano to firm up plans with his mother, he shared the details of their romp with him, as soon as they were out of the house.

Mohammed tongue-tied, he got back to Lagos days later, confronted Uche with the dirty details and afterwards collected his engagement ring from her and drove her out of his home. Thus the romance and their marriage plans ended. Uche later went back to fight Mohammed`s gate man, accusing him of letting out her secrets.