Your Love

By Melanie Miller
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Your love is special, and endearing.
Your love is a painted picture with roses and wine in it.

Your love is the candor of loveliness in it.
Your love is never bitter but only sweet as a rose.

Your love is caring and wonderful.
Above all this, You are that sweet love, I been searching for all along.

You make me happy and I feel content just being in your arms.

You know, I can not resist your loving charms.
To have you near and dear to me, means the world to me.

You are that candle flickering in the night's air, and you are so good to me,

to no one can you compair.
You look into my eyes of azure blue and you are my everything.

I love you so much, and I know you have that gentle touch.

So embrace me, you wonderful man and look at my body and love me with a passion,

unknown to many.
We shall be in history books, and with just one look, I am smitten by you.

You are the moon, the wind and the rain, and you wipe all the hurt and pain away.

So stay with me my gentle man and love me alone.
Your love is grand and simply hold my hand and say you care and will always be there, for me.

the end