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The Nikkai ceremony which looks more of Ayo mogaji numerous roles was well attended by friends and colleagues. The new husband, Dr. Oduleye and Ayo Mogaji were school mates at Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ketu in the 70s.
Dr Ayo Oduleye, an ex footballer with Tottenham Hotspur, woodwich, Arsenal, PSV he is an indigene of Abeokuta Ogun State.

Before the Nikkaii came up at Ayo's uncle`s residence at Odo-Ona area of Ibadan last December the veteral actor (ex ) Jibola Dabo had earlier arrested the actress mother over what he termed abduction. Jibola claimed that Ayo was in illegal possession of his two boys who happen to be his nephews and his unsuccessful efforts to get back those boys after Ayo left his house led to the arrest of the actress aged mother.

According to those close to the actress, those two boys from Jibola lacked moral training and Ayo being a no-nonsense lady volunteered to put some senses into the boys and that was how the boys started living with the actress and when it was due for her to relocate to another house to prepare her for the marriage between him and his London based lover, she left with the boys.Jibola didn`t come for them in good time and leaving them behind won`t be proper but Jibola who wanted to create a scene involved the police.
This development gathered pained the actress coupled with the fact that Jibola from the onset never really wanted to marry her.