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Star actor, Fred Amata`s estranged wife Agatha, has said that the chances of her husband and ex-queen, Ibinabo Fiberesima, getting married are very, very slim.

The dark skinned mother of two (Oreva and Stephanie) hinged her argument on the fact that she`s still married to the handsome actor, scriptwriter, producer and director.
“My name still hasn`t changed. I`m still Mrs Agatha Amata. We are not yet divorced officially. So I don`t know about the alleged marrige you people are talking about”
On whether or not she would still want to be reconciled with Fred, she stated that the whole thing is in God`s hands. Morever life is too short, and every human being has a right to be happy.

The marriage was blessed with two children until sometime in 2005 when it reportedly ran into a storm allegedly because both of them were unfaithful to each other.

Now a fresh tale has emerged that Fred and Ibinabo are allegedly warming up to get married. An allegation Agatha has said is not possible except Fred wants to risk bigamy. Bigamy refers to a crime of marrying when one is still legally married and carries a seven years jail term.

Contacted for Ibinabo said she didn`t know about that .Before quickly adding: “That I`m dating him, yes! That I love him, Yes! That he loves me, Yes! That we`ve been dating for sometimes, yes! But that we are getting married, I don`t know about that.” We also spoke to Fred few minutes later. But he maintained a sealed lip. Insisting that we should just “Wait and see”