Hustle City Diaries : People, Places & Opportunities

By Cynthia Asoegwu
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OVERVIEW The Nigerian economy despite our wealth as a nation and increasing human capital, is somewhat stagnated with increasing cost of living, youth unemployment and gross poverty amongst our many challenges as a nation. However, these obvious challenges also pose as opportunities if viewed in a positive perspective. Our most valuable and tangible resource is our youth population. As a country, development can only be sustainable and progressive with an economically empowered youth populace, hence the drive for youth economic empowerment through enterprise investment and support, as a viable and sustainable means for economic growth, community development and wealth creation through jobs and internally generated revenue. OBJECTIVE: The core aim of the Hustle City Diaries – digital video series, is to showcase the Nigerian opportunity and the untapped youth resource as the drivers of the economy.

GOALS AND TARGET IMPACT - Showcase the impact of access to funding and investment in advancing economic growth through job and wealth creation both directly and indirectly. - Leverage the power of storytelling to influence the narrative of the average Nigerian youth entrepreneur - To serve as an advocacy tool for increased investment and enterprise support for young Nigerians home and abroad - To inspire and provide insights into existing opportunities that can be harnessed by young Nigerians - Serve as a rebranding tool to project the hardworking and intellectual capacity of Nigerian youths as problem solvers and national resource managers PROJECT COMPONENT AND

VALUE OFFERING The Hustle City Diaries is a project developed by youths for youths – in our own tone, voice and relatable realities. Other features of the digital video series include the Business insights segment which spotlights opportunities across various industries thus making a case for investment, as well as our Lifestyle segment which features content relative to the budding “start-up culture” in Nigeria and world over. STAKEHOLDERS AND

BENEFICIARIES - Youth owned Brands/ Startups / Enterprise – specifically grant or investment support beneficiaries and bootstrapped brands or enterprise - Talent / Personality brands - Media Agencies - Corporate brands and organizations targeting the youth demography - Relevant government parastatals - General audience with interest in entertainment and enterprise: average of 18 – 50 years.

PRODUCTION TEAM As an investment advocacy project, Hustle City Diaries – people, places and opportunities is a collaborative effort of a youth-based team comprising of Visionary Impact Netwox – Project Owners (a social enterprise developed with the core objective of advancing the socio-economic empowerment of Nigerian youths and women by leveraging media and technology as tools) and Elit Visuals – visual production associate.