New Movie Alert! Action Thriller, Oja Okunkun The Movie

By Olajide TV
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The movie, OJA OKUNKUN tows the line of quintessential classic detective mystery movies that keeps you glued to the screen. It tells the story of Yele a down on his luck ex-detective played by Tunde Oladimeji who becomes the prime suspect in a murder that soon turns serial.

Damola Olatunji plays the lead detective of the special homicide branch that must race against the ticking clock to bring these murders to a stop...The movie also features veteran Yemi Solade in a beautiful performance and Toyin Adegbola. ..also award winning actress Jumoke Odetola completes the pack as a lawyer turned journalist who is also interested in the case.

The movie boasts of stunning visuals beautiful direction and fantastic acting.