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Unrequited Love, Kidnap, Bad Decisions, More, Mtv Shuga Naija Episode 5 Will Leave You in Your Feels!

By Binyelum Ewulluh

We were promised a season like never before, and that’s exactly what we’re getting with Season 6 of MTV Shuga.

Shot in the city of Lagos and centered around the everyday lives of teenagers and young adults, the season has so far, taught us lessons on love, relationships, sexual health, contraception and lots more.

This week’s episode, albeit interesting, was quite heartbreaking as we saw Faa get yet another sexual proposition, this time from Bada, who’s in a position to help with her music career.

Diana, Frances, Cynthia and Leila also got involved with some dangerous men who might do something really harmful to them.

Ebisinde and his friends are sadly getting involved in illegal activities as well.

Catch the full episode in the link below:

"A poor man can live without the support of Gold nor silver"
By: Arthur Apeh Alexandr