Yinka Ayefele Confront Prophetess Who Used His Spinal Cord For Spiritual Power, Fame and Wealth

Source: Dro Ameh - questionmarkmag.com - Nigeriafilms.com

Source from Ibadan inform that It was a surprise visit for Prophetess D.B. Oluwatimilehin a.k.a Erelu Agbaye at the Christ Apostolic Church(CAC) Odo-ona Ibadan, oyo state, when the ace musician Yinka Ayefele stormed the premises.

The musician was just there to confront the woman, when he was notify that Erelu Agbaye will be the guest speaker at the revival. Erelu Agbaye had earlier claimed that she has assisted the musician to use his spinal cord for spiritual powers in order to acquire fame and wealth in the music industry.

This was what led the musician to the church premise before the revival will start in order to confront Erelu Agbaye but the church pastors did not allow the musician to see the Prophetess and ask him to wait until the end of the service but to the surprise of all and Yinka Ayefele, Erelu Agbaye had disappear at the end of the programme.

The intention of the musician was just to clear the hear with the story that she help him with his fame and wealth. the musician who made his statement in anger said, he has never met the woman in his life and he doesn't know her. In his statement,”I want her to come out straight that the only way she can be forgiven.” as a pastor in the church tried to persuade the musician to take it easy and allow peace to reign.