Singer, 9ice gets 6 Painful Tattoos with Various Meaning

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Singer, 9ice, has decided to seat for several hours just to get a very painful tattoo designed on his arm which to him has strong significance.

The singer explained that the six tattoos stands for some memorable years of his life spent at abule okuta primary school bariga and the journey through life.

According to him, “6 most memorable years of my life are spent at abule okuta primary school bariga, each lines suggest each year the thickness accordingly suggest my progression in life my pain in life and my understanding of life.”

Further explaining the importance of Tattoos, he said, “those days tribal marks or tattoos are for those that are that are rich. Now tattoos is fashion. Tattoos is actually an African thing. It is used for identification and beautification. So we always neglect our traditions and the western world will pick it up polish it and sell it back to us.”